Wednesday, April 26, 2017


This came to from Zachariah Kennison who contributed to the Ogre Gate rulebook. It is meant to provide GMs who want less magic in their WHOG campaigns with an alternative to Qi Spirit Possession when characters overuse their Qi. It is essentially a Disease Characters are exposed to when they acquire too many Imbalance Points: 

Lethality: Weeks
Speed: Weeks
Effect: Temporary
Medicine TN: Special
Contagious: No
Potency: None
Skills: Combat, Physical, Special

When a character exceed their Max Imbalance they acquire this disease that putrefies the meridians.

In addition to Combat and Physical Skill penalties, the user also faces an equivalent, cumulative reduction in their Qi rating. For example, after 3 weeks they suffer a -3d10 penalty on Physical and Combat Skill rolls, but their Qi is also reduced by 3 levels. The effect continues until they run out of Qi Levels.

This Disease cannot be healed through normal means, but a successful Medicine roll against TN 8 can extend the Lethality by one increment. Don't roll 1d10 again to determine when the subject will die; instead, convert their remaining weeks to months. This can only be done once per case.

There are rumors of an herbal cure that grows on a peak in the Western Horn but these may be false. 

This Disease replaces the normal Qi Spirit Possession mechanic.

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