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This is a log for my ongoing Disposable Disciples of Bone Kingdom campaign. You can see the previous session HERE. 

Player Characters: 
Shen Chun
Hidden Arrow
Bao Yang
Chao Feng
Wei Ruomei 


The Righteous Outlaws
Calamity Star
Ou Jinghzhu
Tea Master Houzhou

Crocodile Sect*
Player Characters (See above)
King Iron Beard
Li Sou Chao (Witch of Zhaoze Zhou)

The Roaming Avengers
A group of five brothers who swore loyalty to Hidden Arrow.

The Golden Way
Iron God Meng

Dancing Scorpions
Criminal network in Yun Hu

Relentless Corpse Sect
Relentless Corpse Queen
Da Mei Mei

Temple of the Jade Mercies
Abbot Wei Zhao
Abbess Bao-Yu
Weeping Lotus

Bone Breaking Sect
Destroyed and taken over by Drunken Hero Kang

Stone Palace Sect
A gambling hall and criminal network in Yun Hu

The Golden Corpse Alliance
This is a unified group: Relentless Corpse Sect and the Golden Way combined their interests. Relentless Corpse Queen and Iron God Meng are joint chiefs of the sect, and below them are the player characters via Crocodile Sect. 


The party had just poisoned Gambling Butcher, the leader of Stone Palace Gambling Hall. They forced him to hand over ownership of the hall and to give them his fortune, or they'd withhold the antidote. He had reluctantly agreed, but one of his guards could not take the humiliation and flew on to the table to attack. 

She was met by a flurry of iron claws from Ruomei. Shen Chun then used his Phoenix Spirit Disruption technique, tapping her meridians to disrupt the Phoenix Spirit of love. He then told her she was beautiful, and a look of confusion crossed her face but she still dove onto the floor and began a terrible spinning blade attack at peoples' legs. One by one the party was brought to the ground. Ruomei managed to counter and evade the attack, Shen Chun was safe as the woman deliberately avoided harming him.

This changed the situation a little, and Gambling Butcher tried to gain the upper hand in the discussion once again. He told the attacking guard, Kuan, to cease, and she obeyed. However the party remained adamant about their terms, despite their condition. 

Ruomei and Shen Chun escorted Gambling Butcher to the Yun Hu bank to take out his money. He initially tried to take out four million spades, but they forced him to take it all out, and ended up with eight million spades. 

On the way back they purchased crutches for the group (with the help of their physician it would still take fifteen days before people could walk). At the gambling hall, the party had tied up all the guards, and began a process of calling in all the captains of the organization. One by one, they were brought in then tied to a chair. Bao Yang offered them more money if they transferred their loyalty to him. The first five refused and he crushed their skulls with a giant mace. The sixth, Mr. Gao, accepted the offer. 

They asked Gao how much he wanted, and he said 800,000 spades a month. However when they asked Gambling Butcher how much the place made a month, he said it was 580,000 to 600,000 spades. Eventually they brought in the accountant, Feng, who told them while the hall brought in roughly 600,000 spades a month, this varied considerably from one month to the next and at least 200,000 of that was tied up in bribing officials. There was 100,000 additional expenses each month as well, so the final total was closer to 280,000 to 300,000 a month. 

Bao Yang asked Feng if they could trust Gao, and he reluctantly said that trusting Gao was a mistake. That he shouldn't trust any of the captains who could be bought in such a way. They ended up crushing Gao's skull as well, then crushing the skulls of the two remaining captains. 

In the meantime Kuan, the woman who had broken the party's legs, was infatuated with Shen Chun due to her phoenix spirit of love being disrupted. Bao Yang wanted her to talk the rest of the guards into joining with him, since their leg breaking technique would come in handy. She said she might be able to do so over a matter of days. 

She spent the next few days trying to talk them into it, but was unable to persuade them. Bao Yang had them all killed. He talked with Shen Chun about killing Kuan as well, given how dangerous she might be. Shen Chun was a little conflicted about this. 

When he saw her next, Shen Chun welcomed Kuan with a hug and she asked when they would get married. She offered to go to a matchmaker and find a good date and time. He said they could seek out the matchmaker in the morning, that she should get rest first. 

That night, Shen Chun snuck into Kuan's room and used inverted three point touch to paralyze her. He then lit a lamp so he could see, and found a lovers bao with his name written on it by her bed. "In the next life" he said, then slit her throat. She opened her eyes, saw him, and died. 

Bao Yang continued to work with Feng to organize the gambling hall and take control. Feng was insistent that they should kill Gambling Butcher before the entire organization to establish his control. He was reluctant and waited a bit, sending word to the Lu Da security company to bring men to help him control the hall. 

Eventually Bao Yang dragged Gambling Butcher into the main gaming hall and stabbed him in the neck. He told everyone that Gambling Butcher was dead and that the Stone Palace Sect answered to him now. Feng went around the room and observed everyone's reaction, then brought a list of seven names to Bao Yang, telling him the people on the list should be killed. 

Bao Yang had the men appear before him in a private chamber with the rest of the party, in group so of three or four. He made each group kotow and vow loyalty, then smashed their skulls in with his giant mace. 

Hidden Arrow spent time in the city finding a new poison. He purchased something called Languid Toad Venom, then returned and met with a prospective disciple (he had put out word that he was looking for students). The man who answered the call was named Hateful Scholar. He accepted him as a disciple and told him to infiltrate Bone Breaking Sect to find out information about the organization. 

That night, Chao Feng went to the gaming hall. He had been watching the crowd the past several days looking for martial heroes. To help him get around he used a large man named Hung to carry him while his legs healed. He spotted a strange man in black robes with a stark white beard, playing a one of the tables. He approached on the back of Hung and bluntly requested to learn Kung Fu from him. 

The man turned and said he would do no such thing. Chao Feng said the game table was done for the night in response, and this clearly angered the man. As the dealer put away his dice, the man struck him in the chest. The dealer turned black and died. Chao Feng told Hung to hurry away, and as he turned the man struck Hung on the chest, who also turned black and died. The man then grabbed Chao Feng and carried him to a grove at the edge of the city. 

The man told Chao Feng that if he seriously wanted to be his disciple, he would need to resemble death. 

Chao Feng asked what that meant exactly. 

"I am a god of death and my students must prove their devotion", the man explained. 

Chao Feng agreed. With one motion the man drew a sword and sliced off Chao Feng's nose. He then told him to crawl back to the Gambling Hall and return the next morning for his first lesson. 

The next day the party went to the head of the Antique Guild, Master Zhao. They had worked out an arrangement with him before where he paid them two million spades to kill Gambling Butcher. Bao Yang told the guild head that they succeeded and were now in charge of Stone Palace. He requested that the Dancing Scorpions honor their territory. 

Master Zhao accepted the request and said it was reasonable. So long as they respected his territory, he would respect their's. 

Bao Yang also asked if master Zhao knew about the man who had cut off Chao Feng's nose. Based on the description, he assumed it was Supreme Master Tung. A man who claimed to be a god and had many fanatics serving under him. 

Chao Feng went to meet Supreme Master Tung in the grove and learned Stealth of the Spider Demon. His master told him he was one among many students and that he would return in ten days to the same spot. 

When Chao Feng returned he spoke with Blue Handed snake about his new master. Blue Handed Snake asked to meet Supreme Master Tung, but Chao Feng was reluctant to this idea, saying he might mention him to the master, but wasn't so sure. 

Ruomei, Hidden Arrow, and Li Sou Chao went south with the Lu Da Security Company and Roaming Avengers to return to crocodile sect while the rest of the group remained at Stone Palace to oversee the venture. 

This is where the session ended. 

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