Thursday, June 16, 2016


The experiment with the video blog continues. Today I talk about social skill mechanics in RPGs: 


  1. Hi Brendan

    If the GM secretly or covertly rolled your social skill for you then folded the result in with whatever you actually said and then roll played the NPC reaction, would that be less unpleasant for you?

    This would allow the character's social skill to have an affect on NPC response without ignoring or invalidating what is said and also without sidetracking play or specifically calling out a "social roll."

  2. If I noticed and the result didn't seem to jive with what I said to the NPC, it would. But if it is secret that is hard to say. I could see a GM who rolls secretly for that kind of thing all the time, getting some inconsistent NPCs, unless he is really balancing the roll with the specific things said. Hard to say though when things are secret. It would depend how obvious it is.