Wednesday, June 8, 2016


As Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate gets ready for release, we are working on the first follow-up: Ogre Gate Inn and the Strange Land of Li Fan. This book will describe the region of Li Fan (which is where both Ogre Gate Inn and Yao Gong Palace are located). It is a combination setting supplement and adventure. However the adventure structure is very open. 

Ogre Gate Inn is just one location the book explores. It is presented in its own section as a potential adventure site. The book also describes other places in Li Fan in greater detail (in some cases greatly expanding on things briefly discussed in the core rulebook). I've been play testing the locations as part of an ongoing Disposable Disciples of Bone Breaking Sect mini-campaign. Much of the material was already play tested over two campaigns, but I wanted to go back to it with a special campaign where no one really cared about the characters. 

So far this is some of the greatest fun I've had running Ogre Gate. It has been a blast watching the characters work their way through these locations. And it has been helpful for me because I am moving into the mapping phase where we take my hand sketches and maps and have them professionally rendered. So going through the stuff again helps me work out kinks and made adjustments to improve the material. 

I will keep folks updated on this project as it goes forward and hopefully we will have an announcement about the rulebook soon. 

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