Monday, June 8, 2015


NUELOW Games is doing a charity bundle to benefit the American Suicide Prevention Foundation. It comes with 24 NUEFLOW games and includes Sertorius as well:

On June 11, 1936, writer Robert E. Howard committed suicide. It is debated by scholars whether he was suffering from undiagnosed clinical depression, or whether he was reacting to prolonged stress, but it is a plain fact that a brilliantly creative writer was taken from the world by his own hand.

NUELOW Games is donating all of its proceeds from the sale of this collection of books containing Howard's fiction, and game products based on or inspired by his work, to the American Suicide Prevention Foundation. We support their work so that a modern-day Robert E. Howard will have a chance to get the help he or she needs before it is too late. 

Please join us in supporting the ASPF by purchasing this bundle, which includes the complete Sertorius rpg from Bedrock Games, and 24 different NUELOW Games releases at a great discount.

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