Friday, December 5, 2014


Working on a regional map for The Meddlers. Because the characters are Brownies everything is at a different scale. I am finding that you can build a whole area to explore in just a single city block. The map on the right is not finished and it is just for a playtest scenario but it gives you an idea of how the Brownie scale is overlaid on the human dwellings. The game has a large number of small folk (Brownies, Pecklings, Sprites, Red Caps, etc) giving GMs a nice mix of tools for populating local maps. I placed one burgeoning Red Cap kingdom in the courtyard of the Winter Court Apartments and positioned a rival Red Cap "Empire" nearby that is spreading from the Tulip Towers Apartments across an unkept yard called the Wastes of Gartes. There are several other settlements including Peckling Tunnel Cities, Pargle Stone Complexes and even a range of land roamed by Boggart Nomads. This is proving to be quite a bit of fun putting together. We will see how this works for an actual campaign. 

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