Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Horror Show Update

The writing and cover art for Horror Show, our new Horror Cinema RPG, are complete. This exciting new product for our Network line captures the spirit of your favorite horror films. What sets it apart is its broad range and its flexibility.

Horror Show works for any sub-genre or style of horror. We love horror movies of all stripes and chose to embrace them all. The system is designed so GMs can model adventures on any horror film they want. They can customize monsters and scale the level of realism to their taste. They also have a host of optional mechanics to draw on to help emulate the genre.

Players now have more options for character creation. They have six Roles (ranging from Soldier/Cop to Bookworm) and dozens of occupations to choose from. There are also more options to tailor skill point levels. For example we introduce a mechanic called Skill Gutting that allows players to sacrifice skill points in one category for points in another.

We’ve also reworked some of the original network mechanics. Hazards (called Toxins/Contaminants in our other games) are much more streamlined. Instead of a percentile roll, it is a simple dice pool against characters’ relevant Defense. So now it works like the rest of the system, and makes a little more logical sense.

We hope to have Horror Show on shelves soon.

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