Friday, May 31, 2024


This is a new creature for Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate.

These vicious thirteen inch centipedes are present throughout all of southern Qi Xien and even found in the north, but generally quite rare. These are the most deadly centipedes in the world and can easily kill an adult human with a bite. 


Defenses: Hardiness 2, Evade 7, Wits 2

Key Skills: Bite: 0d10 plus venom, Muscle: 0d10, Detect: 0d10, Speed: 1d10


Max Wounds: 1




Bite: The bite of a centipede does 0d10 wounds and exposes the target to venom. As long as the attack roll succeeds, the damage roll does not have to succeed for envenomation to occur. Roll 2d10 against the Hardiness of anyone bitten. On a Success the person experiences intense itching, swelling and pain for 1d10 minutes. After that time, they become paralyzed and cannot breathe, suffering the full effects of suffocation. On a Total Success the victim immediately becomes paralyzed. Curing the poison requires either a dose of antidote made from a variety of ingredients blended with the ground up chiton of a venomous giant millipede, or a TN 10 Medicine roll.  

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