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This was the Ninth session of a new Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate campaign. See the NINTH SESSION LOG to read about the previous session. 

Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate is our wuxia RPG. It is available HERE in PDF. It should be out in print in about a month. 

Peng Ke-Yen: Eccentric daughter of a merchant who goes against conventions and is notable for her white and black streaked hair. From Dashen village. 

Peng Pei: Daughter of two low Yen-Li priests. Also from Dashen village. 

Zhendao: A former slave of a man named Zhao. 

Shin Du: A performer and actor who is a perfect shot with the bow. 

Song Pei: A one-armed physician. 

The players continued north by boat, and went back to Dashen, Peng Pei and Peng Ke-Yen's village. There they went to Pei's house and found her mother, Biyu, a Yen-Li priestess. She was alarmed by the tattoos on Zhandao's face, which marked him as a potential criminal. They explained he was a former slave and that he hadn't committed any crimes. Reluctantly she let them stay if they did work around the homestead for her. 

Because he only had one arm, Biyu assigned Song Pei the task of watching the cat outside, while the rest of the party did manual labor. While watching the cat, he had the sense he was being watched. Looking around he spotted a slow loris in a nearby fruit tree staring at him. He mentioned it to Biyu and she said it was only a monkey. 

Ke-Yen went outside the village to lay markers for Brother Wolf and Zhendao followed. That night the two of them stayed in the forest, Zhendao sleeping in the trees. 

Song Pei spoke with Biyu about the cure he was trying to create for Sister Fox. He explained the situation, that she had been afflicted with Life-Ebbing Venom and that he believed he could create a cure with the blood of a god, but wasn't sure how to proceed. She told him that he needed a special Gu vessel to contain the blood, and that he would require then venom of specific creatures to make it workable. He would need Divine Silk Worm, Stone Spider, Yellow Tree Snake, Centipede of the Yellow Forest and Shadow Scorpion. 

In the middle of the night, Brother Wolf arrived and awakened Ke-Yen. She tried explaining that she acquired the Thousand Painful Deaths Flower but had given it to Granny Wind, and that there was another way to save Sister Wolf, but communication and clarity are not her strength. She ran back to the village to get Song Pei, Peng Pei and Shin Du. They walked to the clearing to find Brother Wolf and Zhendao in awkward silence. There Song Pei attempted to explain his plan, but as he was doing so, he spotted the loris monkey in a nearby tree looking at him. He pointed to it and Brother Wolf said "Run. Run right now."

Shin Du and Zhendao remained behind, but everyone else fled in different directions, with Ke-Yen following Brother Wolf. 

The Loris Monkey transformed, its body fuming with purple energy and rising up to the size of an enormous man. Shin Du found his arrows did very little to it. 

The create ran toward brother wolf and unleashed a blast of Qi, sucking his life from his body. 

Shin Du and Zhendao followed to lend a hand. Song Pei and Peng Pei ran to get Biyu. 

The party were able to occasionally strike the creature, who they believed to be the Plum Tree Monk. But their attacks only seemed to have temporary effect. 

Brother Wolf dropped to the ground, lifeless. Ke-Yen flew into a rage and attacked the Plum Tree Monk, but he easily fended her off. Shin Du was struck with a terrible claw attack that nearly killed him, slicing deep cuts across his upper body. 

The Plum Tree Monk searched Brother Wolf's body, found a talisman and took to the sky. Shin Du aimed his bow and fired at the talisman. It dropped and the Plum Tree Monk didn't notice (Shin Du got a Total Success on his attack). 

They retrieved the talisman and saw that it said Wolf Fortress on it with an image of a mountain pass on it. 

When Song Pei, Peng Pei and Biyu arrived they tended to Brother Wolf. He was clearly dead. Ke-Yen insisted they do something to help him. Biyu said only Master Qinwen Keeper of the Seven Talismans could bring the dead to life, and there was always a terrible cost. 

Ke-Yen asked about Qinwen and where to find him, insisting they go right away. 

Song Pei pointed out that the Plum Tree Monk was likely heading to this Wolf Fortress and that was probably where Sister Fox was. She would be in great danger and if they went to Qinwen's now, she might be killed. 

Ke-Yen decided that she would go to Wolf Fortress (which they had to find) then go to Qinwen. Biyu would go with them. 

Song Pei attempted to retrieve blood left on the ground from the Plum Tree Monk, but it boiled through anything it touched. 

Biyu tended to Shin Du, who was in a great deal of trouble. She healed him with a palm technique but the wound would not close and continued to open and harm him each day. 

Looking at the talisman, they were eventually able to determine that the mountains depicted on it was a pass near the village of Jinsa. They left and headed toward Jinsa. 

On their way to a town called Shei, they were stopped by bandits who blocked the road. Zhindao used Granny Chang's Thirteen Dagger Strike killing most of the bandits and sending the rest into flight. 

In the city they found a place called The Silk Worm Society of the Opulent Hill. They spoke with a woman named Fei who seemed to be the head of the organization and bribed her until she told them she could procure a Divine Silk worm for them. However it was expensive and would take a month, since Divine Silk worms were exclusive to the Hai'anese king. If they met her at the Hill of Opulent Fruits, she would give it to them. 

They left the town and headed along the road to Jinsa. On the way, Song Pei noticed something odd about the road, a slight rise ahead of them. They stepped forward and prodded it, causing it to collapse and reveal a spiked pit. 

Zhendao looked around and saw a figure in the woods. He ran after it and found a small boy there. The boy stood his ground. 

"Why did you build a pit trap in the road" He asked. 

"To catch bandits," The boy said. 

The rest of the party walked over and Song Pei asked "Do you catch many bandits this way?"

"All the time" the boy replied. 

They asked for his name and he said it was Gao. He also eventually revealed he had never in fact caught any bandits. He said his parents were both death. Zhendao and Song Pei took some pity on him and offered to escort him to Shei where they could find a monastery to take him in. 

As they travelled along the road, Zhendao saw the boy walk up beside him, pull out a dagger and try to stab. He quickly sidestepped and hit the boy with the flat of his sword, knocking him out cold. 

When the boy woke up he asked "Why did you try to kill me"

"You killed my father, you bastard," the boy mumbled. 

"Who was your father?"

"Master Zhao of Yun Hu"

Zhendao killed the boy before anyone could do anything. He then apologized to Biyu for his actions. 

The party then made their way to Jinsa. It was a small village but had several academies and wine shops. They went to The Academy of the Ink Stained Sword and spoke with Master Wu Shan. When they explained the situation they were facing he said it seemed like a righteous causes and would gladly give them free access to his books on alchemy and medicine. Song Pei and Shin Du spent the day pouring over the material and concluded that the key would be using the blood within hours after it was extracted, otherwise it would lose its potency. 

From Jinsa they went to the mountain pass and found a gate where the Plum Tree Monk was camping (luckily they spotted him before he spotted them). They snuck around, taking the long way. They were attacked by needle traps in the pine tress, which they easily deflected and had to make their way around a poisoned pond, but came to the fortress and found Sister Fox. They spoke with her and learned that she carried the Life Keeping Stone on her, but was not aware of its properties (for example they knew it required living sacrifices to function, yet she did not appear to know this). 

She agreed to travel south with them to Heaven Palace Sect to speak with Qinwen Master of the Seven Talismans. 

This is where the session ended. 

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