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This is a log for my ongoing Disposable Disciples of Bone Kingdom campaign. You can see the previous session HERE. 

Player Characters: 

Shen Chun
Little Bai
Silent Dagger
Ong Lao
Min (Feiyan)

Disciples of the Sect: 

Red Eagle (Little Bai)
Mount Dao/Biggest Sister (Little Bai)
Filial Cricket (Little Bai)
Dim-Witted Chen (Shen Chun)


The Righteous Outlaws
Calamity Star
Ou Jinghzhu
Tea Master Houzhou

Stone Palace Sect (Also called Golden Way)

A gambling hall and criminal network in Yun Hu. Currently under control of party, with Weeping Lotus managing it. They've absorbed many other sects into this organization including Crocodile Sect, Blades of the Weeping Lotus, Temple of the Jade Mercies, Relentless Corpse Sect and more. Recently they joined with Relentless Corpse again when Shen Chun arranged a marriage with their leader Da Mei Mei. 


Shen Chun (King)
Da Mei Mei (Queen)
Weeping Lotus (Right Vanguard)
Silent Dagger
Feng (Accountant)
Gu (Head Chef)
Little Bai
Scholar Shen (a scholar who has been writing a story about Little Bai's life)

Dancing Scorpions
Criminal network in Yun Hu

Relentless Corpse Sect

Da Mei Mei

Temple of the Jade Mercies (see Stone Palace)

Abbot Wei Zhao
Abbess Bao-Yu
Yao Tu-On
Yao Chun
Yao Ba

Southern Hill Sect

Yellow Mantis
White Chysanthemum
Green Mantis (Dead but important)

Twin-Fisted Eagle Sect

Twin Fisted Eagle
Jade Fist

Bone Breaking Sect
Destroyed and taken over by Drunken Hero Kang

Glorious Death Cult

Led by Supreme Master Tung, who says he is a god of death

The party decided to go to the House of Paper Shadows to kill Fearless Cat. First they traveled back to their headquarters, where Little Bai received a message from Magistrate Ouyang of Tung-On. Little Bai had been sending letters to magistrates and this was a reply. The magistrate seemed confused about some of his claims and asked for a meeting in two months time. 

The party then decided to travel in groups of two to Xuanlu. Once there, they would meet and masquerade as pork merchants before going to the house of paper shadows. 

In Xuanlu, Little Bai met Head Constable Yu. He said "My name is Heroic Bai, and I am the constable of Gaoxing. I am here to inform you that I am now the King of Constables, and need to know if there are any mysteries to be solved." 

Constable Yu was confused and asked for paperwork or a decree from the king. 

Little Bai seemed confused by the request. 

The constable explained "Well, you are constable of Gaoxing, which is part of the Zhan Dao empire, but I am constable of Xuanlu, a city in the kingdom of Hai'an. Any such title would require authorization from the king."

"You don't seem to understand," said Little Bai "Justice transcends such concerns, it is about something must bigger. Tell me, do you stand against justice?"

"No" said the constable. "In fact I would like to help, but to do so it makes things so much easier if you have official paperwork from the King or Queen, even a local prefect would do. However I am told there are a great many unsolved mysteries in Dee, where lawlessness is the rule of the day. Should you care to go there and enforce justice, I will write a letter on your behalf to the prefect."

Little Bai seemed satisfied with this exchange and joined the rest of the party. They headed to the House of Paper Shadows and enacted their plan. They knocked on the door and.....


....they burst into Fearless Cat's chamber and surrounded her quickly. Unloading one attack after another, the party, despite their grievous wounds, was able to destroy her, with Min administrating the final blow. Once they had her, they interrogated her for information and Chao killed her.

This is where the session ended. 

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