Thursday, December 8, 2016


We just released the fourth Sects of the Martial World book. This one features Crocodile Sect, a group known for its vigilance and innovation. It also includes a map of the Four Chambers of Death arena, stats for key members of the sect, new Kung Fu techniques, and new weapons (including the Emei Mountain Dagger). It is for use with Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. 

Master strategists ruled by a paranoid and ruthless leader, Crocodile Sect resides on a majestic mountain villa where deadly animals roam the grounds. These are the pets of the eccentric master, White-Haired Crocodile, a man who suspects everyone, even his own children, of trying to usurp his power. He takes incredible measures to protect himself and plans for all eventualities. Still he curries good favor in the martial world by hosting annual tournaments in one of his four deadly arenas, so true heroes can prove their worth.

This is a 19 page PDF, with a sect that the GM can drop into the campaign with ease.

You can pick up Sects of the Martial World: Crocodile Sect HERE.

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