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This campaign is set ten years after a previous set of adventures (HERE). This is the twenty-fourth session of the current campaign (Session 23 can be found HERE)

Xue Lingsu (Purple Cavern Sect)
Xi Kang(Affiliated with Mr. Red Claw)
Baku (Kushen Tribesmen)
Zhi Zhu (No Sect)
Long Shu (Purple Cavern Sect)
Min (Purple Cavern Sect)
Rong (Tree-Dwelling Nun Sect)
Nuan (Xi Kang's Disciple and a former Flying Phantom)
Ku: Kang's Wife

The party took Sixth Brother’s floating ship to reach Northern Twin Mountain and make their way to First Temple. They were in Infinite Sky Realm, a vast expanse of blue sky, floating mountains and heaven bound river ways. 

The captain of the ship, Dao, answered many questions for them about Infinite Sky Realm (yes there are people inhabiting the land, yes it is a prison for demons Iron Sky Maiden wishes to reform,etc). When asked about his own history, he revealed that he was once a Rabbit Demon, something he seemed embarrassed about. According to Dao, it is hard to impress people with tales of your youthful days as an evil bunny. 

When they reached Northern Twin Mountain, he dropped a rope at its edge and they set off through the woods. On their first night, the camped and Kang had first watch. Before they left the ship, Dao had given Kang a bottle with a fly in it, saying it would alert them to the presence of demons. As Kang kept watch, the fly in the bottle began to glow and the ground started to rumble. 

A massive head burrowed from the earth into the center of their camp. A lion demon with orange fur and purple streaks leapt out to attach. The group scattered, with Lingsu and Min taking to the air. It roared and the sound quaked in their bones, causing everyone to suffer previously. 

Lingsu let himself fall from the sky and used The Impact of the Falling Star to crash into the head of the lion, causing it to slide back into its burrow. Min followed suit with the same technique, also doing tremendous damage to the creature. Kang rushed in with Dog Bashing Stick Technique, clubbing the lion’s head and Baku followed up with a similar sky crashing technique to Min and Lingsu. Zhi Zhu retreated and used Storming Daggers on it. As the daggers sliced its flesh, its blood sprayed out and hit Min, burning her skin. 

Eventually they were able to do it in, but not before another spray of blood burned both Min and Lingsu. 

They were badly wounded after this encounter and stumbled to First Temple, where they were met by Mei, a disciple of First Brother. Lingsu insisted on meeting her master, but she informed him that First Brother was away, battling Ogre Demons. Instead she would take him to see Mu Guan, who was in charge of the temple in First Bother’s absence. 

It took some time, but Mu Guan agreed to take them to see Iron Sky Maiden. He threw back his hair, asked them to grab hold and flew into the sky, taking them to The Palace of Endless Splendor. There they presented before Iron Sky Maiden, who was cold and somewhat formal. She still wore her hair in the fashion of the Kailin, but otherwise behaved as someone from the Empire. 

Kang gave her the Jade Turtle which she handed to her servant and asked to have placed by Feixu. They began to take turns asking her questions, and she answered to the best of her ability. They learned that Wind Bone was an enemy of Hen-Shi, and worshipped a god named Gushan. They learned that she wanted them to be merciful. She also demanded they give her the Talisman of the Demon Emperor. However as she asked this question, Kang proposed marriage to Iron Sky Maiden. 

Taken aback, she told him his face was drenched in blood and she could never marry someone so weak and compassionless. Kang persisted, saying his righteous anger was a compliment to her mercy. But she said this was not so. However she wanted to be fair and said she would give his proposal serious consideration if he redeemed himself and became a powerful hero. Kang assented and she presented him with a rusty Jian sword, telling him that the rust would flake away as he redeemed himself, when the sword glowed brightly, he could approach her once again and ask for her hand. 

“How do I reach you again,” Kang asked her and she told him to restore the Face of Vaagu after the sword glowed bright, then use it as a gate to reach her. 

Baku asked more about the Face of Vaagu, and she was clear that it should only be restored once the sword glowed. 

Iron Sky Maiden then said she would send them to the world of man and they were engulfed in a blaze of red energy that transported them back to the base of Golden Roc Peak. 

They could tell by the weather that more than a month had passed. Also the men they left behind were gone. 

Kang began drinking some Supreme Dragon Wine that he acquired in Infinite Sky Realm, as he and Baku argued over what to do about Bronze Master. Baku was insistent that Kang reform (because his people depended on it). But Kang was less interested in heeding Iron Sky Maiden’s advice and felt that killing Bronze Master was justified. Baku shot the gourd of wine from his hand with an arrow, causing it to shatter against a tree. This prompted a nearly physical confrontation that the rest of the party had to put a halt to. Things were tense for a bit, but slowly calmed down. 

Bronze Master
They headed north for Bone Kingdom. On the way, they passed through Jin and Kang spoke with his father-in-law, who gave them a guide and some camels. When they reached Bone Kingdom the disciples lined up and Nuan and Qin greeted Kang as the new sect leader. He was informed that there had been a battle when Qinwen Master of the Seven Talismans had tried to take the fortress. They killed 200 of his men, but lost 75. 

Nuan also informed him that Dawa wanted to greet him and that they received word that Lady Sapphire of Golden Dragon Sect was coming to bring a message. 

The party went to the central hall and met with Dawa who acknowledged Kang as the new leader and suggested that she could help fend off Qinwen if he gave her the third Phoenix Talisman (which he did). 

Two days later Lady Sapphire arrived and informed him that the Golden Dragons acknowledged him as the leader of Bone Breaking Sect. She said that Bronze Master wanted to form a peace among the sects. 

Kang was reluctant, saying that Bronze Master was guilty of many crimes and needed to be punished. She said that Bronze Master was willing to recommend Kang as the new leader of the Martial World. Kang said he would consider it if Bronze Master came to Bone Kingdom personally to stand trial for his crimes. 

Lady Sapphire then presented letters from all the other sect leaders (excluding Lady Plum Blossom and Lu Zhi of Heiping) expressing their acknowledgement of Kang as the chief of the Wulin. She also told him that Queen Lu Zhi refused to join unless she were given the Wind Saber of Sunan. Kang said he would meet with her on the matter. 

Lady Sapphire left to retrieve Bronze Master and to send word to Queen Lu Zhi. The party discussed its options. They agreed it would be okay to give Queen Lu Zhi the sword and they devised a way to punish Bronze Master but not lose the support of the martial sect he helped to galvanize. 

Before Bronze Master arrived, a group of Kushen came, led by Chief Mongettu. He gave a box to Baku and told Kang that they were late because their leader, Ganbaatar, had executed Togu (the Kushen who had left to get reinforcements for the party some time ago). They apologized, said that Togu’s head was in the box, but that Ganbaatar was willing to work with them on matters in the future, particularly if they had enemies to the north. 

At first Kang insisted that Ganbaatar swear an oath of fealty to him, but Chief Mongettu dissuaded him of this course. In the end, it was agreed that they would work together in the future for the glory of both groups. 

Kang spoke with Dawa and asked her if she had any method for forcing someone to tell the truth. She retrieved a bottle of wine and said that he should give it the person he intended to be truthful and that it would prevent them from lying. 

When Bronze Master and Lady Sapphire arrived, several days later, they were given quarters then Bronze Master was to appear before Kang with Lady Sapphire and Queen Lu Zhi as witnesses. 

That night Zhi Zhu spied on Lady Sapphire and Bronze Master. They discussed the matter of the alliance and the trial. Lady Sapphire was concerned that Bronze Master was putting himself in danger, but he insisted that his role in the alliance would protect him (though he acknowledged the risk). He also said he had additional information he could use to barter for his life if it came to that. 
Queen Lu Zhi

Kang asked Bronze Master a series of questions (ones the party had discussed in advance): Are you a righteous man, are you a truthful man, what was your role in the death of Lady Tao, did you have a hand in the massacre of the Flying Guillotines, etc. Bit by bit he was forced to confess his many crimes, and he also confessed his continuing love for Lady Plum Blossom. 

They interrogated him about the piece of information he had which he felt could save his life. He informed them he had knowledge of Zhi Zhu’s family that was important. Zhi Zhu called him a liar, and the matter was dropped. 

Kang looked to Queen Lu Zhi and asked what punishment was appropriate. “Death” she said. 

He strode toward Bronze Master and gave a speech about mercy. He told Bronze Master he would spare him but there would be a price...a hand, a foot, something. They debated what Bronze Master should give to pay for his misdeeds. 

When they asked Queen Lu Zhi what she would prefer, she recommended branding his face so everyone could see his crimes. All agreed to this and the trial was nearly concluded. 

Zhi Zhu insisted on knowing what information Bronze Master had on her family. Kang dismissed everyone from the hall except the party and Bronze Master. 

Again Zhi Zhu insisted on the information. Bronze Master told her that he knew her father, that he was still alive and a great hero. 

Zhi Zhu didn’t believe him and said that her brother had killed her father. Bronze Master said this was partly true, that The Bear had nearly killed Marauding Dragon (Zhi Zhu’s father) but something was done to ensure his survival. The Bear, in his rage and grief, was unaware of this fact. 

Bronze Master said that while he didn’t know the exact whereabouts of her father, since he was a wanderer who went out on his own ages ago, he did know that he was alive. 

This is where the session ended. 

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