Monday, September 29, 2014


We have long been trying to find a way to make internal energy duels possible in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. In wuxia films and series characters are able to harness and channel energy called Chi or Qi. A common convention is for two masters to stand-off as their energies collide. We wanted to incorporate this into Ogre Gate but it just proved difficult mechanically. Everything we did was too complex or didn't quite fit with our Kung Fu Technique system. 

So we think we finally came up with something that works. Haven't tested it yet (that will have to wait until Friday during the regular game). Here is what we have so far: 

Qi Duels 
Sometimes adept practitioners of Neigong will find themselves locked with one another in a duel of Qi energy. When this occurs they must focus and channel their energy against a foe, who does the same. Each moment that passes without one overpowering the other, causes the energy to build between them. The loser of such a duel is struck by the Qi energy generated during the duel.

A Qi duel can occur in one of two ways. The first and most common is a willing engagement between two martial heroes who each decide to use a Neigong technique that generates a Qi blast at the same time. This only happens in normal combat if two characters attack at precisely the same moment, otherwise it occurs in formal Qi Duels. Also there can be no more than one rank disparity for a duel to be initiated (when the gulf between opponents if greater than 1 Qi Rank, then powers function normally and there is no need for a duel).

The second way it can occur is when one character makes a Neigong energy attack and another uses a Neigong counter that states it triggers a Qi Duel.

Whatever the cause, when a Qi Duel begins resolve it using the following method:

Each participant prepares to roll 1d10 per rank of Qi. If your Qi rank is one less than your opponent you take -2d10 to your roll. If your Neigong rank is lower than your opponent you take another -1d10 to your roll. Both now make their rolls and compare results, with the person rolling highest achieving victory. If there is a tie see the final paragraph of this section.

If the victor wins by Normal Success he unleashes an enormous blast of energy against his opponent doing 1 Automatic Wound per rank of Qi (combine both combatants Qi ranks together for total). If the victor wins by Total Success, he unleashes an even greater blast of energy, doing 2 additional wounds to the target.

Ties: Each tie that occurs means neither side has overpowered the other, but they both keep contributing to the overall power level of the energy forces generated. Every round this occurs adds 2 Automatic wounds to the final Total.  

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