Friday, March 9, 2012

I, Claudius 35th Anniversary Edition to be released this month

Exciting news for fans of Rome, this month the 35th anniversary edition of I, Claudius comes out in DVD. Here is a link to the press release:

Press Release

It looks like HBO is still developing its own miniseries based on the Robert Graves novels (according to most reports this will be based entirely on the novels and not the original BBC miniseries).

If you haven't seen I, Claudius before, I highly recommend checking it out. The series is quite long, but well worth the viewing. It contains all the right elements (the perfect mixture of suspense, humor and drama), has a magnificent cast (Derek Jacobi, Brian Blessed, John Hurt, Sian Philips, Patrick Stewart, and John Rhys-Davies), and the dialogue is simply brilliant.

I pre-ordered my copy and can't wait for it to arrive.


  1. Nice - look forward to that. Some things are timeless classics.

  2. Agreed Castelain. I, Claudius is a durable miniseries. Holds up very well over time.