Thursday, March 15, 2012

Embrace the Ides of March

It is the Ides of March, and what better way to celebrate than with our new game Servants of Gaius. So enter a world of gods, intrigue and gladiators: SERVANTS OF GAIUS PDF

About the Game (a preview)
The System: Servants of Giaus has the same game engine as our other systems but revised for the ancient Roman setting. It is rules light, allowing for speedy character creation and gameplay. We designed it to fade into the background so you can focus on roleplaying your character. In addition to the standard Network System elements (d10 dice pools, skills, expertise, etc) we have added a few new mechanics for Servants of Gaius including magic skills based on Roman practices and Combat Techniques for gladiators:

Character Creation: Character creation is easy and full of options. Players start by choosing their social class, which determines skill point allotments, bonuses and penalties. There are also occupations, patrons/clients, vices, combat techniques and expertise to select from. As Player Characters develop they can pursue the Cursus Honorum and acquire authentic Roman titles:

The Characters: The game book includes a full array of historical personalities, including Caligula, Claudius and Macro:

The Setting: Servants of Gaius offers a unique and deeply Roman setting. The gods exist, divination is real and Caligula is a god at war with Neptune.

The Servants of Gaius: Play centers around a secret organization called The Servii Gaii. These brave servants of the emperor investigate and hunt Neptune’s minions within and beyond the Empire:

But Servants of Gaius is much more than a simple alternate history rule book. It is packed with enough information and ideas to serve any game set during the Early Empire.

About Rome: With a focus on the Early Empire, the book is capped with a chapter on Roman culture and politics. This section includes a stunning map by Michael Prescott, modeled on the writings of Roman geographer Pomponius Mela:

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