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Because my current campaign is set in the Vaaran Kingdoms I've been developing a list of words and sounds for the local dialect of Gruskel (Vaaran). A lot of this also would apply to Klerskel because the languages are related. I posted an earlier version of this list a while back but this is much more detailed. One thing I tried to do was come up with Gruskel versions of the character names. For instance we have a PC named Garoff the Destroyer, and in Gruskel this would be Garoff Um Varshkeda. I haven't vetted the list for consistency yet so it is possible there are minor discrepancies yet to be weeded out. 


Omka: One
Ven: Two
Drek: Three
Drak: Four
Skel: Five
Mar: Six
Gura: Seven
Hurn: Eight
Nesh: Nine
Omga: Ten

U: Indefinite Article (A or An)
Um: Definite Article (The)
Uf: Partitive Article (Some)

Common words, suffixes and prefixes
-atoon: Grassland inhabited by rabbits or other similar animals
-ash: Belong to or one who does
Bel: Human
Belka: Halfling
Belga: Dwarf
Bashkarna: Warrior
Esmar: King or Chief
-ga: Stone-like or heavy, something that sinks easily
Gash: Related to Ogres
Gasha: Ogres
-gella (pl. Gellars): Killer of
Graevesh: Grim Beast
Grau: Gru
Goff: A Title meaning wise elder or adviser. Someone who doesn’t wield direct power but is influential.
Gol: Hall
Haeva: Mound
Hauch: Fort
Holta: Farms
Horga: Orc
-ka: Pebble or small thing
Keska: Beast
Pen: River
Rue: Sacred or Holy
Rue-Keska: Dragon
-Skel: This has two different meanings, it can refer to speech but also to towns controlled by a lord. 
Sheg: Hasri
Skaug: Forest
-Tel: Free Town
Ursh: Elf
-Ula: Hall
Var: Pure
Varshkeda: Destroyer
Vakla: Metal
Varna: Tavern
Vel: Elder or Elders
Warn: Hill

Harna: Above
Hur: With
Hurfa: Of or From
Jurga: Under

Common Honorific Surnames (More common among Gru than humans)
Bashkarnash: A skilled warrior
Belgella: Killer of Human, Halfling or Dwarf
Gashgella: Killer of Ogre
Goffgella: Killer of a Goff
Graeveshgella: Killer of Grim Beast
Horgella: Killer of Orc
Holtash: A highly skilled farmer
Sheggella: Killer of Hasri
Ruehaeva: A great and holy person
Um Varshkeda: The Destroyer

Vargrau: True Gru

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