Wednesday, December 3, 2014


Once again we have been quite busy which has left little time for the blog. Here is a quick update of two key projects we are developing. 

This is a new project about Brownies. This time we are designing entirely around a rules light-rulings-over-rules approach to play. While we only started on it over the weekend it progressed much more rapidly than other projects. Hopefully we will be ready for our first play tests soon. 

For now here is the basic premise from our current introduction: 

This is a game about Brownies, little people who help humanity in ways that often go unnoticed. Set in the world of Tol-Shenda, a place of twilight and walled cities, where people exist in a fog and feel vaguely out of place. Something isn’t quite right in Tol-Shenda. Things that should not be, are, and things that ought to be are not. There is technology in Tol-Shenda, sometimes advanced technology, but the people have forgotten their past and so rather than advance things tend to rust. Humans go about their lives, afraid to venture beyond the cities, unaware they are the center of a cosmic struggle.
 The Goddess Naura stands on the side of light striving to redeem humanity. You are her people, her Brownies, and you are tasked with gently guiding this fallen race to greatness. Brownies are small but brave, and have just a touch of magic in their soul that enables them to do extraordinary things. Brownies also come in great variety from heroic Thick-Hides to singing wizards. They live in the nooks and spaces of human cities, their surnames are often the streets where they were born. They trade in gossip and food and have a love for life that is nearly boundless. But they are bound by a strict law: do not interfere with the free-will of man. Those who violate this code risk falling into disfavor with their goddess.
Because of their size the simplest things can be an enormous adventure for a Brownie. Sneaking into a home to eavesdrop for some gossip can mean facing a maze of crawlspaces, venomous insects, cruel rats and deadly traps (sadly humanity regards Brownies as pests). Brownies go on countless adventures helping the humans they feel drawn to. They may work to aid a single human over an entire lifetime or move from one person to the next each week.

This project is moving along very nicely. We are getting close to completion and art is coming in (giving us a sense of what the final book will look like). Overall it has been a very rewarding experience to make Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. I expect it will be ready sometime early next year. 

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