Thursday, June 26, 2014

What are Sertori?

Last post I answered the question "What is Sertorius?" Today I would like to answer the question "What are Sertori?". 

Sertorius is about spell-casters and these are called Sertori. They are called this because the first of their kind to appear in Gamandria (the setting of Sertorius) was an Orc tyrant named Sertorius Poro. Sertori have the inherent ability to use magic and are physically more powerful than normal people. They can be of any race, except Ogres (see below for details). In the past they were hunted and feared, because of men like Sertorius Poro. 

Here is what the rulebook has to say about Sertori: 

The History
To expand on this, we need to discuss the history of Gamandria. Thousands of years ago, while the other races were still just scattered nomadic tribes, the Ogre civilization of Nong Sai thrived. This was a loose cluster of kingdoms occasionally united under a single ruler. Their enemy at the time was a place to the west called Anumar, inhabited by a race called the Slovars. The Ogres of Nong Sai worshipped the sun god Senga, while the Slovars worshipped Lorgo. In those days the gods would lead their people into battle and so the armies of Nong Sai and Anumar clashed with their deities leading the charge and assisted by other powerful entities. 

Fourteen hundred years ago, a king named Dosikan emerged in Nong Sai. He united his people and was on the cusp of wiping out the Slovars. According to some accounts he was persuaded by Senga's consort, the snake goddess Sarilla, to betray his god and steal the deity's powers. Whatever the details, Dosikan killed Senga with a magic blade and absorbed the Ogre god's powerful spirit using something called the Chalice of Life. Senga's soul infused Dosikan with magic, enabling him to wipeout cities or force thousands to heed his command. But it also drove him mad. The other gods, enraged by this mortal act of defiance sent a plague of dragons upon the world to destroy Nong Sai and Dosikan died as the magic overwhelmed him. 

After the these events, the other races filled the vacuum left by the Ogres (who were left to wander under a great curse). When Dosikan died he unleashed Senga's spirit onto the world, but it was fragmented. These fragments reborn into flesh are called Sertori. 

The Present
Today Sertori exist throughout Gamandria. Some rise to positions of great power, others are held in check by organizations of Sertori, intended to create harmony between those with magic and those without. All the races can be born as Sertori, and so can animals, but Ogres suffer under a curse that deprives them of magic. 

Next entry I will discuss the magic system in some depth. 

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