Wednesday, June 25, 2014

What is Sertorius?

I wanted to address some questions about what Sertorius is and what the book includes. Sertorius was just released in PDF and is available here:

What is the game system?
Sertorius uses the Network System, a skill-based game where you roll a number of d10 equal to your skill ranks against a Target Number and take the single highest result. The Target Number is usually one of your opponent’s core defenses or set by the GM based on the conditions. If you meet or exceed this number, you succeed. If you roll below the Target Number, then you fail. If you roll a result of 10, this is called a Total Success which gives you different benefits depending on the skill.

How do spells work?
Characters in Sertorius are spell-casters, powerful beings imbued with the spirit of a long-dead god. They begin the game with 4-6 spells, gaining more as they acquire worshippers. When they gain enough followers, characters get access to special miracles called Thauma.

Spells are cast using the normal skills in the game.  For example a spell called Servitor, which allows you to create an animated servant from wood, uses the Trade: Wood skill, while the spell Bolt of Fury uses one of the ranged combat skills. You can cast a spell as much as you want. But if you cast it at full power you expose yourself to the dangers of magic, which over time can alter your body and mind.

What is in the book?

The Sertorius core book is nearly 500 pages long and is all that is required for play. It includes a complete monster section, a complete spell section, a fully detailed list of skills, character creation, rules, equipment, etc. Everything you need to play the game is contained in the core book.

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