Sunday, September 29, 2013

Legends Update

A while ago, I mentioned an interesting Kickstarter project by Julia Okrusko called Legends: Fantasy Violin. I am excited to announce that it is being released this month as a CD. Anyone who hasn't already heard the sample track can do so here: Julia also has a music video on youtube.

It was such a success that Julia is working on another Kickstarter for her new single Excalibur, part of an effort toward a second album of medieval-inspired music. Legends was a great album and perfect background music for tabletop fantasy RPGs. Anyone interested in supporting her latest project should check out the Kickstarter page here: Excalibur.

Legends: Fantasy Violin can be purchases on ITunes, Amazon and Here.

About Julia:Winner of numerous violin competitions in the U.S.A. and abroad, Julia has performed
in Russia, Estonia, Latvia, Denmark, Holland, Germany, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria and
Turkey as a soloist and member of chamber ensembles. Since her arrival in Boston in 2005, Julia became one of the most sought-after violinists in New England, and has collaborated with all local orchestras - including Boston-based Video Game Orchestra. It was the VGO's "Back to the Future" project (2011) and working under distinguished composers Alan Silvestri, Lucas Vidal, and Wataru Hokoyama, that inspired Julia to start composing cinematic fantasy music for violin and orchestra. In 2013, Julia's self-released album "Legends: Fantasy Violin" received tremendous support and full funding on Kickstarter, and two tracks from "Legends" were nominated for Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2013.

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