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I am going to post material from the Profound Masters of Ogre Gate document here. These are not complete. Some sections are missing content, have gaps, have stats but no text, etc. However I want to put this out so people can make use of the information.

Originally I was writing this alongside Ogre Gate, and continuing to work on it when Ogre Gate was released. But I shifted my attention to other projects (Ogre Gate modules and Supplements, Strange Tales of Songling, and Righteous Blood Ruthless Blades). Because Ogre Gate is a complex system, and because the lore is also pretty deep, I found it very difficult to resume work on the profound books when I returned to them, and I also had trouble fitting it into our pipeline. 

Do note that some sections of this made its way into the original Ogre Gate Book or into other books (in such cases regard the formally published material as superseding the content found here). Also there are likely consistency issues to be mindful of. This was the opening of the book. It contained the introductory information, some tables that I felt were relevant to Profound Masters and Immortals. 


Enter a world beyond the earthly jianghu, where immortal sects clash against armies of demon warriors and celestial beings ride through the sky. Explore the realms at the edge of man’s understanding, the flying mountains and jade peaks of heaven. Find the strength to rise through the ranks of the immortals, perhaps to become a god yourself. 


Profound Masters of Ogre Gate expands the rules for higher level play in Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate. It is sparked by Chinese myths and legends. Whereas Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate places more emphasis on classic wuxia, this book takes inspiration from the demons, immortals, deities and spirits of novels like Journey to the West, films like Zu Warriors of the Magic Mountain and drama series like Legend of Zu and The Journey of Flower. 





There are many sects at the profound and immortal levels, but only those who trace their origin to the ten original Immortal masters can be called True Lineage. 


The True Lineage sects were established long ago, by disciples of Sunan and Bao who retreated to different mountain peaks to cultivate and achieve longevity. These were originally all righteous sects, who desired to protect the world and understand Heaven. The masters of these sects eventually all achieved Immortality and were a hopeful sign in the eyes of the Enlightened Goddess. After the devastation wrought by The Demon Emperor, and the powerful energy he unleashed upon the world, she viewed the Immortals as caretakers who would shield men from evil and guide them toward correct cultivation. 


So great was her optimism that she presented the leader of the most prestigious group, Divine Horse Sect, with a powerful artifact it would control but share with the other immortals. This was called the Celestial Pillar Device and it enabled them to travel freely between all the different realms. It was presented to Supreme Immortal Tu Yin, leader of Divine Horse Sect. 


However as the centuries unfolded, the immortals began to feud over the pillar. Many of the sects splintered and some turned to dark magic and wicked kung fu techniques to obtain the Celestial Pillar Device. These became the first Demon Sects. A massive war erupted between the sects that lasted for several more centuries. One of the evil sects, Iron Heart Sect, was poised to defeat Divine Horse Sect and take the device. Iron Heart's chief, Zhi Shan, led the attack with his son, Zhizun Xie. They nearly succeeded, but Zhizun Xie, having fallen in love with a member of Divine Horse sect and married her, betrayed his father and split the device in two. He then helped Tu Yin imprison his father with a seal. 


As a gesture of peace and a compromise, the device was split between the demon sects and the immortal sects. Half going to the demons allowed easy movement between the lower realms, while the half going to the immortals allowed easy movement between the upper realms. 




Lun Shan Sect: A demon hunting immortal sect

Zun Shan Temple: Another demon hunting sect but rivals of Lun Shan Sect who like to undercut their efforts

Drunken Immortal Sect: This sect believes in cultivating immortality by drinking until they forget themselves. They do not distinguish between orthodox and unorthodox, immortal or demon hero. They were founded by Master Jiu, and are often associated with the Fists of Qi Zhao. They believe in drinking, fighting and contemplation. 


Iron Heart Sect: This was once an evil, demonic sect, that has become righteous and works to redeem, rather than destroy demons and evil spirits.

Celestial Heart Sect: An immortal sect devoted to mercy and Hen-Sh, they hunt demons and bring peace by reforming them through 'gentle imprisonment'.


Celestial Mind Sect: An immortal sect, and branch of Celestial Heart Sect, that is devoted to understanding the connection between Hen-SHi and the enlightened Goddess.

Mt. Rong Sect: An immortal sect based on Rong Mountain. Devoted to bringing peace and righteousness to the world.

Emo Chung Sect:  An evil demonic sect based near Emo chung---doorway to various hells.

The 7 Blood Cave Alliance: An alliance of the most evil demon sects led by Marauding Dragon.


Yu Temple Sect: A righteous Immortal sect that brings Supreme Judge Yu's justice to the world.

Divine Horse Sect: An immortal sect with direct ties to the Enlightened Goddess. 

Southern Wind Sect: Profound Gushan worshippers. 




Celestial Peak: A remote peak high in Mount Dao where Celestial Heart Sect is found. They are an immortal sect led by Ox-Hearted Widow. Their focus is on redeeming demons. 


Demon Realms: This is a broad term for those realms below Emo Cheng. There are many realms here and this is also where the courts of the Eight Magistrates pass judgment on the souls of the dead before they reincarnate. 


Dream Realm of Mountains and Mists: This is where peoples spirits go before they die but also a place people visit in dreams and meditation. Here people can catch glimpses of the future, the past, and come to understand their fate better. It is the realm all pass through before reaching Emo Cheng for passage into the courts of the magistrates. 


Emo Cheng: City below ground that is believed to be the entrance to the Demon Realms and Ogre Realms. It is ruled by the five ghosts. 


Immortal Realm: This is one of the great heavenly realms, and is where the highest of the immortals call home. It is a great expanse of mountains and celestial waters. Sunan and Bao rule over the realm, though they are in constant states of meditation, breaking briefly each day to maintain their Golden Guardian presence in the Realm of Man. All new immortals must appear here and register. The gate to Immortal Realm is located on Zun Shan Peak. 


Hanging Valley of the Dead: A suspended valley surrounded by mountains and overlooking vast empty space. It is the location of The Seven Blood Cave Alliance (led by Marauding Dragon) and acces-sible through a gate in Zhaoze Swamp. 


Infinite Sky Realm: This is the realm of Iron Sky Maiden. It is a series of floating mountains with several immortal sects who imprison demons. It is accessible through the Face of Vaagu. 


Lunar Realm: This is a sort of celestial prison for deities and immortals who misbehave. It is the domain of Xing and her husband the Supreme Judge Yu. 

Meidu: Middle Heaven (Red General and Dutiful Empress). The Gate to Meidu is located on Rong Shan Peak. 


Shiwa Kingdom: This is the abode of Drunken Immortal Sect. It is surrounded by ice, snow, Juren and spirited bears. It is located on Mount Shiwa. 


Northern Thunder Realm: The domain of Fengbao, one of the twin Thundergods. Northern Thunder Realm is hot and its cities made of mud and stone.  

Southern Thunder Realm: This is the domain of Queen Jiangnu, one of the twin Thundergods. Southern Thunder Realm is cold and its cities made of ice.


Solar Kingdom: The Sun, Realm of the god Xang. 


Wan Mei (The Perfect Realm): This is the furthest reaches of the heavens where the Enlightened Goddess holds court and the Bureaucracy of Heaven meets. It is pristine and without disorder (the slight-est amount of chaos provokes the Enlightened God-dess’s wrath). A day in Wan Mei equals a year in the Realm of Man. 


Zun Shan: This peak is inhabited by the immortals of Zun Shan Temple.



To become an immortal one must atone for misdeeds committed in the previous past life. The GM should set up a characters past life starting with the Past Lives Table below and adding details as needed. 


Immortals are martial heroes who have cultivated well beyond the most profound masters and arrived at an enlightened state. Each stage of illumination expands their spirit and power. 


Demon Heroes are those who have reached a similar level of cultivation to immortals but rely on darker forces to enlighten their spirit and strengthen their powers. Specifically they have mastered Evil Techniques that warp their body and mind, driving them away from righteousness. Whereas Immortals receive judgment from the bureaucracy of heaven, Demon Heroes receive it from the demon and ogre realms, artifacts or other evil means.  



Profound Masters and Immortals can use Kung Fu and Profound Techniques as described in the core rule book. However they can also use them to produce special but related effects such as illuminating a chamber or causing the ground to shake. Such effects can’t produce any damage or unusual modifiers. They are merely flavor elements to the game (however they could still be important in terms of peoples’ reactions to them). 


Profound Techniques are always performed Cathartically. For the purposes of acquiring Imbalance Points with them, treat every character as having an Imbalance Rating of 2. So on a Successful use of the Technique you gain 2 Imbalance Points. On a Failure you gain 4 and on a Total Success you gain zero Imbalance Points. 



There are actually many paths to becoming an immortal. But the most common is to enter into a sect that teaches the path to immortality, culminating in learning the correct ritual or rituals to give the body longevity and help the mind illuminate. Some attribute this to judgment by The Enlightened Goddess or another deity. This is not precisely the case. They often bestow knowledge of the ritual on worthy people, but the ritual itself is known to certain sects and immortals who choose to share it. 




Simply roll on each table, then on each table that follows provided it seems appropriate to do so for your result. This will give you an idea of who the character may have been in a past life.



Roll (1d10)

1-3                 Human

4-6                 Animal

7-8                 Insect

9                    Monster

10                  Spirit or Demon




Roll (1d10)      Result

1-5                   Male

6-10                 Female



Roll (1d10)

1-2                  Daolin

3-4                  Khus

5-6                  Sai

7-8                  Shen

9                      Yan

10                    Zun



Roll (1d10)

1                      Fox

2                      Wolf

3                      Mouse

4                      Crocodile

5                      Bear

6                      Snake

7                      Lizard

8                      Pig

9                      Turtle

10                    Roll on Animal II



Roll 1d10

1                      Elephant

2                      Tiger

3                      Flying Crocodile

4                      Lion

5                      Rabbit

6                      Owl

7                      Dog

8                      Monkey

9                      Bird

10                    Zhen Bird 



Roll (1d10)

1                      Butterfly

2                      Scorpion

3                      Spider

4                      Centipede

5                      Ant

6                      Wasp

7                      Beetle

8                      Worm

9                      Mantis

10                    Mosquito



Roll (1d10)

1                      Bixie

2                      Xiaoyang

3                      Roc

4                      Red Ro Fish

5                      Nao Ren

6                      Jufu

7                      Heyu

8                      Fire Glutton 

9                      Dragon Horse

10                    Fei Beast 



Roll (1d10)

1                      Spirited Beast/Demon

2                      Qi Spirit 

3                      Raksha

4                      Yaksha

5                      Ogre Demon

6                      Painted Death

7                      Gui

8                      Kui Demon

9                      Mountain God 

10                    Celestial Demon





Roll (1d10)      Result

1                      Cruel

2                      Cunning

3                      Merciful

4                      Selfless

5                      Calm

6                      Pure

7                      Brave

8                      Righteous

9                      Loyal

10                    Filial



Roll (1d10)

1                    Cruel

2                    Unfilial

3                    Disloyal

4                    Unjust

5                    Cowardly

6                    Shameful

7                    Ferocious

8                    Selfish

9                    Vengeful

10                  Poisoner



Roll (1d10)

1-3                 None

4-6                 Wandering Hero (Qi Rank 1-2)

7-8                 Great Wandering Hero (Qi Ranks 2-5)

9                    Master (Qi Rank 6)

10                  Profound Master (Qi Ranks 7+)



Roll (1d10)

1-3                 None

4-6                 Terrible, Infamous, a villain of the worst sort

7-8                 Good, famous and well regarded during life

9                    Great, famous and something you did lasted to the present

10                  Incredible, venerated after death


OCCUPATION (If Applicable)

Roll (1d10)

1-3                 Merchant

4-6                 Artisan

7-8                 Farmer

9                    Scholar Official

10                  Beggar



Roll (1d10)

1-3                 Violent, combat related death

4-6                 Exposure or Illness

7-8                 Violent, non-combat related death (an accident)

9                    Suicide

10                  Peacefully of old age or similar reason



1                      Murderer

2-3                  Heart Breaker

4                      Betrayer

5                      Rite Breaker

6                      Law Breaker

7-8                  Liar

9                      Unfilial

10                    Bully



Most immortals have a fated challenge, temptation or calamity they will encounter before they are truly regarded as immortals by heaven. These are a product of their past misdeeds. This can be anything but they will have difficulty advancing past the Profound stage until they face it. Fated Disasters or tribulations are often soul crushing or body destroying. Being struck by divine lightning could be a calamity but so could having to destroy a loved one who threatens the safety of the world. 



This book is designed as an expansion of the original Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate material, with the assumption that characters work their way from Qi Rank 1 to the Profound and Immortal levels. But if you wish to start a campaign at the profound level, in order to help establish ties and prior history to the setting, have characters roll on one of the following charts 


As an option players may select their scars and history, however this should only be used if the entire group abides by this method. You can also allow one re-roll when using the rolling method if you choose. 



1 You have a grudge against another player in the party

2 You experienced an event that requires you to take an additional flaw

3 Sworn Brother

4 Someone has Grudge against you

5 You have a very visible scar

6 Kicked out of sect or organization

7 You maimed an important leader in the martial world

8 Your reputation has been tarnished

9 You gained 5 good Karma points

10 You were branded as a criminal



1 You were given an important title

2 You are despised and hunted by a king, emperor or other political leader

3 You have been favored by a king, emperor or other political leader

4 You are responsible for the wiping out of an entire sect or clan

5 You earned -5 Karma

6 You possess something that many others want

7 You killed an important leader in the martial world

8 You acquired a Mental Affliction

9 You took on an apprentice

10 You became the leader of a worldly sect



1 You have acquired the Fated Flaw

2 You’ve undergone supernatural change or have a Demon Flaw

3 You had an alarming experience with immortals or demon heroes

4 You still carry a powerful object you found in your travels, but you are not clear on what its abilities are

5 You are maimed

6 You violated the rules against transgressing realm boundaries

7 An immortal or demon hero has become your enemy (add to Grudge list)

8 An immortal, deity or similar being forged a magical weapon for you to wield (it is both a burden and a blessing)

9 You once saved an entire community and to this day they hold you in high regard

10 You once caused great devastation in a settlement and to this day they despise you


Maimed: Roll 1d10. On 1-4 you are missing an hand or foot. On 5-8 you are missing an arm. On 9-10 you are missing a leg.


  1. Wow! This looks great! How soon will we see profound masters of ogre gate published? Please let us know when we can buy a copy or if there's a kickstarter.

    1. It isn't going to be published. It will just be made available on the blog (again though it is not going to be complete as portions are fragmentary but I will get up all the content of the profound document that I have)

    2. I'm a little saddened that a proper Profound Masters book won't see publication, but I appreciate it immensely that you are still sharing what you've written up so far — thank you!

  2. Do you have plans for a game on that theme, with other rules maybe?
    Xianxia is a pretty popular genre and few trpg seem to be able to emulate it.

    1. I can't rule it out in the future, but right now I don't have any plans for that

  3. Heartbreaking to hear that we're not getting a complete and proper publication of Profound Masters of Ogre Gate - but I'm thankful that you chose to share all the material you had prepared for it. It's bittersweet news to wake up to after a nap.

    Looking forward to what else you've got for us, and especially looking forward to seeing what Profound Techniques you were planning to add. I'm a big fan of having my players let loose, encouraging them to create and innovate techniques as they see fit for their characters - but having pre-written techniques helps a lot as both GM and player.

  4. Thank you. I should have the techniques chapter up in the coming days (this one is a little more tricky because it involves so much formatting for the blog). Also there will be more profound techniques in the Lady Eighty Seven book as well.