Wednesday, September 5, 2018


This month on Wuxia Weekend, we celebrate the films of Kara Hui. Sadly we only have four Fridays, which means only four movies to select from. And the challenge is greater because we've already discussed so many of her greats. My Young Auntie is an outstanding film that we already covered last year, for example. I am going to post links below to all of our other Kara Hui related discussions and reviews. Some of these are just late night reviews I did on my own, so we will probably discuss one or two of those again on the podcast this month. 

Kara Hui is versatile, bringing great acting and great martial arts together in her performances. She is one of the few performers that gets consistent praise from all four co-hosts at Wuxia Weekend (and we are hardly alone as she is widely respected and venerated for her talents). She is also still very relevant, regularly appearing in new films like Mrs. K, Happiness and Daughter. Her action scene with Donnie Yen in Dragon (2011; AKA Wu Xia) is one of the most memorable martial arts moments in my opinion. And she can carry a movie, elevating the quality of any film she appears in. 

Here are some of our earlier reviews and discussions. 

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