Monday, May 1, 2017


Here is another new Technique from Zachary. 

Discipline: Waijia
Skill: Arm Strike against Parry
Type: Normal
Qi: 3

You unleash a flurry of punches at your opponent, wearing down their resistance with each successive hit.

Roll Arm Strike against the opponent's Parry. On a Success, roll Muscle as Closed Damage but consider their Hardiness to be lowered by your ranks in Waijia for this purpose. If you are able to chain this attack several times against a single opponent, and neither you nor they have moved between uses of this Technique, their Hardiness decreases by an additional point for each additional turn (again, only for the purposes of damage rolls for this Technique).

If your Qi is higher than your target's, on a Total Success they lose their next turn.

Cathartic: If you hit and the target fails to Counter this Technique, they lose their next turn regardless of their Qi level. In addition, if the opponent is of lower Qi than you, the damage roll becomes Open Damage.

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