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This campaign follows a group of characters who went into the Tomb of the Timeless Master and formed a sect there. It is part of a multiverse of campaign, set in world similar but not identical to the one depicted in my other session logs. 

Note, the campaign is currently playtesting a module, which is being play tested across my other two campaigns. So some elements are similar. 

Sniffle Cheng (Zhen Yuancheng): Leader of the Timeless Master Sect. A scholar and physician, married to Jia, the Snake Goddess. 
Shinda Hogong: A 10 foot tall Juren with a sadistic streak and fondness for gold. He is the son of a brewer and the head instructor of the Timeless Master Disciples. 
Li Bai: Loyal servant of Jia the snake goddess. She has white hair and specializes in weapons like the iron thread.
Jia the Snake Goddess: A snake demon close to transforming fully into a human. She is married to Sniffle Cheng, and her worshippers, local Zun tribesmen, are disciples of the sect. 

Last session, a member of Southern Hill arrived at the tomb, and presented a statue of Hen-Shi as a gift from her master, Yellow Mantis. Chief Sniffle Cheng was pleased by the gift and accepted it. As she presented it to him, it blew up and killed some of his men. They fought the woman and captured her. In the wake of the attack, they recruited local disciples and a hero from a nearby village named Spider Demon. Then they began making preparations for war with southern hill sect. 

Soon after Tu-On, the son of Twin-Fisted Eagle, arrived and asked for an audience. He explained that his father was also at war with Yellow Mantis. Tu-On had no arms, and told them that Green Mantis, one of Southern Hill's sub chiefs, severed his arms with a stick. Both he and his father desired revenge and sought an alliance with their group. 
The figure on the left is a Juren. 

It should be noted here that the primary purpose of Timeless Master Sect is to provide a place for the unorthodox and for the demons and spirits of the martial world. Sniffle is married to Jia, a snake demon, and one of their members, Shinda Hogong is a Juren. Such creatures are normally reviled. When the woman from Southern Hill sect blew up the statue,  she proclaimed Yellow Mantis' disdain for demons and those who would marry them. 

Li Bai, Spider Demon and Tu-On left for Hai'an to go to Twin-Fisted Eagle Clan's headquarters and solidify the alliance. Sniffle Cheng meditated and made offerings to the Timeless Master, asking for great heroes to join them. Shinda Hogong continued training the disciples and made preparations for a venture for supplies. 

After making an offering, Sniffle Cheng meditated and had a vision of a man in purple robes wandering the River of Swarming Beggars, whose name he knew to be Hero Feng. He dispatched a disciple to carry a message to Li Bai that she was to find this Hero Feng at all costs. 

When Li Bai reached Zun city she took Tu-On to a tea house and fed him a bowl of noodles. As they ate, she sensed the presence of men dressed in green garb, staring hatefully at them. 

One of the men, who was wearing golden robes, walked over and told Tu-On to accompany him outside. When Li Bai resisted, he slammed his fists on the table and said he didn't want to break anything in the tea house. Li Bai noticed Spider Demon was no where to be seen. 

They went outside and lined up for a duel. Li Bai used her iron thread to entangle the leader. The men in green swarmed Tu-On and one of them dug two fingers into his neck. From the roof of the inn, tendrils of silken fabric shot out and entangled the disciples. Li Bai turned to see Spider Demon standing there upon the roof. 

In the end they were victorious and surrounded the man in gold. They offered him mercy but he refused to talk and Li Bai was forced to kill him. 

From there they travelled by ship to Hai'an. They reached Hening and decided to walk through the bamboo forest to the Demon Moon Lands. They made it safely and spoke wit Tun-On's father, Twin-Fisted Eagle. He was eager to go to war with Southern Hill Sect soon. Spider Demon suggested they allow her to infiltrate the enemy, then help him ambush their heroes. 

Twin-Fisted Eagle expressed impatience but agreed to the strategy. He also requested that Chief Sniffle Cheng meet him two weeks at the Bai Chuan Inn. He also explained that they had a battle along the river and lost 25 men recently. 

After the meeting, Twin-Fised Eagle said there was a messenger waiting for Li Bai. The messenger informed her that Sniffle Cheng instructed them to find Hero Feng. Asking around, she learned that Hero Feng was someone who left the region for ten years after losing a bet with Yellow Mantis. He had been required to leave for ten years according to the terms of the bet, and that time was just coming to an end. Tu-On told her that Hero Feng had a lover named Xiang Ai and that she now went by the name Pale Fox. Last he heard she led a group of bandits in the Pale Hills. 

Li Bai traveled south to the Pale Hills on her own. She tracked down a group of bandits and walked into an ambush. They demanded her money, but she resisted and insisted the introduce her to Pale Fox. One of the men leapt down and requested to test her Kung Fu, which she agreed to. They sparred, and both delivered powerful strikes against the other. When she unleashed a gust of wind from her fan, the man backed off and agreed to take her to Pale Fox. 

Back at the Timeless Master sect headquarters, Shinda Hogong went to Zun city. Along the way he got lost but happened upon some of Jia's tribesmen who escorted him safely to the town. There he went to the Banyan Inn and saw an old woman selling candied fruit skewers. He rejected the fruit but paid her for information on the martial world. She told him there was a great battle on the River of Swarming Beggars between Southern Hill Sect and Twin-Fisted Eagle Clan. Shinda Hogong was unimpressed with this information and asked for more, offering her a tael. She told him that she'd heard from a geomancer in Lu Hai who knew the location of the Thousand Painful Deaths Flower. Shinda thanked her then went back to his meal as she approached another table to sell her candied fruit. 

Later that evening a man who had bought skewers from her vomited blood and died. They went to bed and in the morning they purchased supplies: four cows, raw materials for training equipment and some basic training gear. Shinda had decided that the disciples desperately needed to bulk up so he also purchased food items like tofu. 

Meanwhile, Sniffle Cheng decided to go to the nearby villages and talk to the headmen. At one of them, he was told a martial hero had come to them terribly wounded and was being cared for by a local farmer. Sniffled Cheng went to the farmer and found the man. He was unconscious in a stable, with deep wounds in his neck. He had his men cut down some wood and make a stretcher, then carried the man back to the sect where he healed him. 

When the man woke up, he told him his name was Bronze Lobster. He expressed some surprise that Sniffle did not laugh when told his name. He explained that he was wounded by members of Southern Hill sect and that he was seeking revenge after they killed his brother. Seeing that their interests were aligned, Sniffle persuaded the man to join their cause. 

When Shinda Hogong returned, he was introduced to Bronze Lobster and then set to training the men. 

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