Tuesday, August 9, 2016


This is a log for my ongoing Disposable Disciples of Bone Kingdom campaign. 

Player Characters: 
Shen Chun
Hidden Arrow
Bao Yang
Chao Feng
Wei Ruomei 

At the start of the session, most of the party headed south to find Left-Handed Maiden, an enemy of Relentless Corpse Queen. Years ago, Left-Handed Maiden belonged killed Relentless Corpse Queen's father, who was the leader of their sect. She joined a conspiracy of disciples who plotted against him. After the the killing she fled, and went into hiding when it became clear Relentless Corpse Queen was a serious threat. Because the party has joined with Relentless Corpse Queen in search of mutually beneficial endeavors, they agreed to help her track down her father's killers. Their information network revealed that Left-Handed Maiden had fled to the Banyan and assumed a new identity: Calamity Star, leader of the Righteous Outlaws. There she lead a group of bandits and lived in highly protective secrecy. 

Bao Yang went north to secure their control over the Lu Da Security company. The rest of the party went to Zun City and spoke with pork merchants at the Lucky Sword, a gambling hall. They learned that the Righteous Outlaws were plaguing caravans passing through the Dai Bien Forest.They also learned that it was almost impossible to get an audience or getting with Calamity Star, that she was protected by Tea Master Houzhu (her bodyguard) and Ou Jinghzu (her go-between). They talked the merchants into transporting several empty carts for them, through the Dai Bien Forest, to the city of Chen. They told the merchants the carts would contain valuable silk and hoped this would lure the Righteous Outlaws to attack. 

As expected the caravan was stopped by bandits. But Chao Feng interceded and convinced them that the shipment was for Ou Jingzhu, that they were not to be delayed. The bandits were persuaded to escort them to Chen and on their arrival Chao Feng and Hidden Arrow both went into the city. 

Hidden Arrow went to the Phoenix Tail Inn, a place favored by thieves and martial heroes. There he spoke to someone he took for a rogue and planted a rumor that there was a shipment of pearls and other treasures coming to Chen in some crates (he described their own caravan to the man). 

Following a lead Chao Feng went to the Menglao Tea House where he dressed as a server and snooped around until he saw a man who matched Ou Jinghzhu's description in a private dining room eating platters of roasted meat and drinking wine. He found another server who was carrying in more platters and confirmed it was Ou Jinghzhu. He then poisoned the server and took the platters in with him, making sure to poison the bowls of wine. 

When he reached the table, Ou Jingzhu told him to sit down and then commanded him to drink from one of the bowls. He refused and claimed he had been sent by Tea Master Houzhu. Ou Jingzhu said if Tea Master Houzhu should come himself. 

Chao Feng and Hidden Arrow returned to their caravan and the next morning the party awoke surrounded by bandits. They quickly defeated and captured them thieves and pressed the leader for information. They learned that Calamity Star was actually three individuals: triplet sisters. Left-Handed Maiden was just one of them. They also learned that Calamity Star gave what they stole to the needy and that her bandits were incredibly loyal. The leader also told them that Ou Jinghzhu fought with chopsticks and chicken bones, using what was on-hand at the table to defeat his foes. 

They decided to go back to the Menglao Tea House and ambush Ou Jingzhu. Hidden Arrow disguised himself as the leader of the bandits and they grabbed a crate (which Chao Feng and Roumei hid inside). Then they went to the tea house and said they had a gift of jade chopsticks for Ou Jingzhu. When they reached the room Shen Chun used his invisible thread technique to restrain Ou Jingzhu, then Roumei burst out of the box and used her kick of the swan technique to batter him. Chao Feng kicked the table away from Ou Jingzhu and within moments they had him bound and placed inside the crate. They threatened his life until he revealed that Calamity Star was at the Hu Shang Temple. Then they left the tea house as if nothing had happened. 

Back at the caravan. They continued to interrogate and greatly shamed Ou Jinghzhu and the bandit leader. They learned the Hu Shang Temple was heavily trapped, including chambers of poisoned gas. They were going to have Ou Jingzhu lead them in. Eventually they settled on arranging a meeting through Ou Jingzhu with Calamity Star. However during the discussion, Ou Jinghzhu mentioned that they rarely stayed in one place long, that they had been at the temple for two months and usually moved avery ten to twenty days. When they asked where Calamity Star wanted to go next, he said north to Zun Valley because they heard that Fearless Cat had acquired the Immortal Killing Sword and moved an army of men south after Bone Breaker died in Hu Qin. The death of Bone Breaker was news to them, and made them reconsider their plans. Ultimately they decided to go forward with a meeting, but the news clearly shook the groups sense of direction. This was probably due to their bad history with Fearless Cat. 

This is where the session ended. 

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