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This was the third session of the Demon Spear of Yao Yun. The second session can be read HERE, and the first can be read HERE

Zhaofeng Yu: A junior disciple of Mount Zun Sect.
Wandering Owl: Daughter of Feng Yaochun and an initiate into Mount Zun Sect.
Feng Yaochun (Hardened Bull): Father of Wandering Owl and an artisan who joined Mount Zun Sect. 

The party was in Fan on their way to Siyu, sent to investigate rumors of people rising from the dead. They went to the Gold Pavilion Inn, and ate in its crowded dining hall. While there they looked around the room for anything unusual and saw an older man with a hood looking at them. 

Going to his table they gave him some food and started a conversation. Judging from his physique and manners, they could sense he was a martial hero and possibly a sifu. He told them his name was Master Wan, that he was an antique dealer from Nansun. When they pressed him, he also said he used to be a general. 

He could tell they were martial heroes and asked about their sect. They told him they were from Mount Zun, and he lit up saying he had an object belonging to them. His behavior became a bit unusual from this point on. He went to his room and brought back a fine wooden box. Inside was a golden bian (or hard whip). He told them it was Life Taker, a weapon that belonged to their sect's originator but was lost long ago in a great battle. Feng Yaochun was able to confirm its authenticity by inspecting it. 

They asked the old man to go with them to Siyu, and he agreed. In the morning they took the road east and arrived in the settlement by mid-day. There Wandering Owl used Great Stride to land upon the roof of Plum Tree Inn and get a birds-eye-view of the city. She saw that most of the inhabitants looked like various types of gui (ghosts) and were meandering through the streets. However there were men in black with spears strolling in patrols, and one ward of the city looked like it was packed with normal people (its walls layered in paper talismans). 

She returned to the group and informed them of what she found. They approached the gate of the inn, with Yaochun taking the lead. There he met with five guards (all dressed in black and carrying spears). Up close he saw that there was something wrong with their sin; it was mottled and sagging. He asked to enter and they began surrounding him. 

The conversation became strange and it was clear these were not normal men. They promised to bring him to a great feast and kept calling him "human". 

As they encircled him, Yaochun struck and the rest of the party ran up to engage the men. Once the battle commenced, the flesh of the guards settled and reshaped until it was clear they were small toad demons. One of the creatures fled into the city calling for "Brother Frog". 

With Double Thrust, Yaochun stabbed two of them, and Wandering Owl used kick of the Golden Elephant to send the one in flight to his death. Master Wan flew into the fray and swung his meteor hammer in a circle, hitting four of the toad demons. 

The fight continued for a time and ended with a victory for the party. They then rounded the city and went to the while by the protected ward. There the group climbed on the roof and saw the ward filled mainly with elderly, sick and young. Wandering Owl crept into the ward and spoke with an old woman, who told her that the demons were from the Temple of Good Fortune (a building with a giant frog statue on its steps). She informed wandering owl that a week earlier something fell from the sky and people started turning into Gui. Then the priests from the temple placed talismans on this section of the town and told the people they would protect them. However, they slowly extracted the healthiest and most robust men from the area and brought them to the temple. None of the men returned and the old woman believed the priests were eating them. 

The party decided to go to the wall by the temple where Wandering Owl climbed into he courtyard and used Stealth of the Spider Demon to sneak around. In one of the main halls she saw an enormous frog surrounded by toad demons. They were bringing in plates of roasted human meat and enjoying themselves. She crept closer and tried to listen in on their conversation. 

She learned that the thing that fell from the sky was the shaft of the Spear of Yao Yun, and that it had been transported from the city by carriage north. It was apparently on its way to Plum Tree Temple. The carriage was protected by a woman named Red Sword. The frog also commented that the men in the town were particularly delicious. 

The party decided to send word to both Celestial Heart Sect and Zun Shan Sect, asking for reinforcements. In the meantime they would go with Master Wan to intercept the carriage. He made clear he could not go with them to Mount Dao and speak to Celestial Heart Sect (which they had in mind) as he had a grievance with them). 

This is where the session ended. 

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