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This was the first session of a profound level campaign featuring Mount Zun sect. This was a short one-player session. My computer is in the shop, so this is written on an iPad, which caused a number of formatting issues. I apology for any of these and for any typos.

Zhaofeng Yu: A junior disciple of Mount Zun Sect.

Zhaofeng Yu was summoned to the hall of Sunan to meet with the Immortal Master, Gaozi. Gaozi told him they had received an emergency message from Heiping Temple, human allies in the Banyan region. Heiping Temple controlled a lake valley and fishing village but recently something had gone wrong. Gaozi was not clear on the details but asked Yu to look into the matter.

When Yu arrived he found a village in complete darkness and not illuminated by candles or lamps. Approaching the fishing village he saw dozens of Jiangshi (hopping vampires) crowding around a house. Taking out a paper Fu Talisman of Friendly Disposition, he slapped it on one of the Jianghsi's foreheads and led it to the forest. He asked to for information. "Blood! Blood!" It replied.

Thinking that feeding it might get the creature to talk, Yu hunted in the woods and caught a small rabbit, which he fed to it. He asked the creature for information again. "Blood! Blood!" It respond.

Realizing this approach would not work, Yu went to the woods and hunted for bigger game, finding a bear and killing it. He brought it out and dropped it before the group of Jiangshi surrounding a house. When they moved to feed on it, he helped the woman inside to escape.

He asked her to take him to Heiping Temple but when they got there they discovered it was surrounded by hundreds of Jiangshi. He asked if there was another entrance eand the woman said  there was a rear mountain entrance about half a day away.

They travelled to the other side of the cliffs and climbed to a narrow entrance with a locked doorway, which the woman pick open. This led to a long tunnel filled with traps (which Yu was able to spot and avoid) and finally to another door, with sounds of conversation coming from the other side.

Yu knocked on the door and announced he was sent from Mount Zun. A woman opened the door revealing a hall with members of Heiping Sect crowded around Queen Lu Zhi (their leader). He spoke with them and learned that the events had started four days earlier after a star fell from heaven into the Liyu Lake. Then the dead rose as Jiangshi but many of the living turned into them as well.

Yu said he would investigate the lake and asked if she could spare any knowledgeable disciples to help. Queen Lu Zhi sent Abbess Qui Pei with him. At the lake Yu and the abbess took a small boat
out to the Lake's center. Looking into the waters they saw a green glow coming from the floor of the lake. As they did so, a mammoth arm-like apengage rose from beneath the surface and attacked. It was formed from a cluster of rotting corpses and it ended in a tooth filled maw rather than a hand. As it attacked, Yu used his tattoo of the water dragon to create an air pocket for him and the Abbess to ride down to the bottom of the lake. The maw crashed through the bubble and missed Yu with its teeth. From here they saw that the arm connected to an amorphous creature resting by the glow. Like the arm itself, the entity was comprised of rotting tissue.

Using a Stride Technique, Yu teleported to the glow and, seeing it was a triangular piece of metal radiating light, grabbed it. He then teleported back to the bubble, but the maw struck once again, sending Abbess Pei out into the waters with a sickening crack. Yu retrieved her limp body and surfaced by the shore.

With his knowledge of magic and the spirit world, Yu understood that the glow was the source of the havoc in Heiping and realized it needed to be contained to stop the carnage. However the creature from below the lake clambered to the edge of the village and crushed a house. Before it could wreak further devastation Yu slapped a paper Talisman on its flesh and commanded it to stop, which it did. He then used that moment to perform a spirit keeping ritual and contain the energy in the metal triangle.

After that he brought the abbess to Queen Lu Zhi, and he returned to Mount Zun with the object. At Mount Zun master Gaozi sealed the triangle in a ball of re energy and told him to secure the triangle in the reliquary. He then told him that the object was a fragment of a spear belonging to Yao Yun, God of the southern sea.

After three days of rest, Yu was instructed to take a group of disciples and investigate the Yao Yun Sea.

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