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These are some tables I roll on in my Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate campaign just to help me develop events in the setting that are going on away from the PCs (or near them on occasion). I saw an interesting thread on the subject (HERE) in a bigger discussion on sandboxes and it made me decide to put my tables into the rulebook. I will have to see if there is space, still a chance this might not make it in. I also need to adjust these a bit. I've been using them in my own campaign but because they are monthly, it is possible I haven't noticed oddities with the numbers yet (certain things being a bit too probably for example). The Historical Turning Points table is also a bit of an overstatement. It includes significant events and possible turning points in history but for space considerations I just called the table "Historical Turning Point".  These are the tables with the introductory text. 

This is used to construct a future event timeline. This will allow you to plot several years into the future or determine events as needed. Use it in conjunction with a campaign calendar. Use it as inspiration. Roll randomly and interpret the results. Modify as needed. You will often need to roll on Table IV to determine the location of the event.

Each month roll and mark down the day or time when the event begins to develop. It is important to create new events independent of rolling as well, based on prior ones. As new events occur they might suggest further developments. For example a massive drought or famine could trigger a migration, and this in turn could trigger an invasion. There is no need to roll for these additional events. Use the tables as tools, not as something to limit possibilities.

With many events, actions by the players can alter the outcomes. When you roll and record events in your campaign calendar, these are done with the assumption of no intervention. Things may change if the players decide to intrude themselves.

Roll (2d10)      Result
2                      Roll on Table II
3                      An important family or group dies or vanishes mysteriously
4                      A local event or festival goes terribly wrong
5                      A great artist (musician, poet, actor, etc) holds an important public performance
6                      Disaster strikes a small village or ward in a town
7                      A small group of bandits plaque a region
8                      A new local magnate emerges
9                      A sign of or potent of the future appears (roll in advance to determine future event)
10                    A great leader or personality is involved in scandal
11                    Nothing Significant, business as usual
12                    A new song, poem, work of literature or craft item gains popularity
13                    A great artist or craftsman emerges attracted followers
14                    Local Storm
15                    A series of murders occur
16                    A fire breaks out in a ward or village
17                    A monstrous threat briefly threatens a local population
18                    A new public nuisance or social disturbance appears in a town or province
19                    Someone holds a tournament or contest
20                    Two Martial Sects on Brink of  Conflict

Roll (2d10)      Result
2                      Roll on Table III: Historical Turning Point
3                      Key Figure in Martial World Dies or is Killed
4                      A local warlord arises
5                      A minor invasion occurs
6                      A minor Migration occurs
7                      A martial villain bullies a local population
8                      Something ancient and important is discovered
9                      A new monstrous threat arises, something never seen before
10                    An individual gains great influence or prestige
11                    A new activity or pastime gains popularity
12                    Two Martial Sects go to war
13                    A new musical, literary, poetic or other artistic form gains popularity
14                    A natural disaster occurs
15                    A minor uprising occurs
16                    A city is plagued by a great evil or monstrous threat
17                    A new public nuisance or social disturbance spreads widely
18                    An important leader marries or has a child
19                    Important Leader Dies
20                    Local Government cracks down on a specific crime or perceived social problem

Roll (d100)      Result
1                      Global Plague
2                      A major technological development occurs
3-4                   A new martial sect arises
5                      Civil War
6                      A new Religion Arises and spreads               
7                      A major invasion from a distant power
8-9                   A Major Invasion from a nearby power
10                    A state collapses                    
11                    A shift occurs in one of the upper or lower realms
12                    A Major Migration occurs
13-15               A new Technology or innovation
16-17               A new alliance formed
18-19               Old Alliance broken
20-21               Major Policy Changes
22-25               New Trade Good Introduced From a Distant location
26-28               Disaster Strikes a city
29-30               Significant Reforms or Restructuring of Society Attempted
31-35               New Trade Good Discovered Locally
36-38               A Minor Invasion from a distant power
39-40               An existing Martial Sect splits into two
41-43               Economic Disaster
44-45               A new settlement is established or an existing community grows considerably
46-50               An existing Religion Gains Many Followers and Spreads
51-55               Famine or drought  
56-60               A great evil or monstrous threats spread far and wide
61-65               A moral panic spreads
66-67               Conflict arises between religion and government
68-70               A great fire devastates a region or entire settlement
71-75               Government starts major project, such as a canal or other works
76-80               Government becomes less oppressive and strives to improve conditions of population
81-82               Government becomes more oppressive
83-85               Two great martial heroes have a duel (1 in 10 chance each one dies)
86-88               Major Natural Disaster
89-90               Existing Trade Good becomes plentiful
91-93               Existing Trade Good Becomes scarce
94-95               A major uprising occurs
96-97               A social shift occurs, such as the rise to power or importance of an existing class
98-99               New people emerge
00                    A major artifact or powerful relic emerges

Roll d10
1          Zhan Dao Empire
2          A distant land
3          Li Fan
4          Hu Qin
5          Hai’an
6          Banyan
7          Dhamma
8          Kushen Basin
9          Yangu Plains

10       Chai Yun

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