Saturday, March 29, 2014


The session began in the village of Cha, where Leng had just married Min, and also obtained the Wind Sabre of Sunan. The village celebrated the wedding for several days and during that time Weng Zhang realized that Min’s breaking away from Heiping, along with Leng’s desire to keep the Wind Sabre, placed him in a difficult position. He came to the conclusion that the head of his Mystic Sword Sect, Lady White Blade, would punish, possibly kill him, for failing to bring her the sabre and for failing to prevent the great shame of Leng and Min’s marriage. Weng attempted to take the sabre in the middle of the night, but was blocked by Shu.

By marrying Leng and giving him the Wind Sabre, Min violated her oath to the Heiping Sect, and the leader of the Sect, Queen Lu Zhi, would no doubt hunt them down.

The party decided to travel south, as far as possible to help them evade both Heiping Sect and Lady White Blade. Because he can’t use swords, Leng gave Min the Wind Sabre to use on their journey. Word traveled fast though and on the second day of their journey they were ambushed by members of the Mystic Sword and the Heiping Sects working together. There were six foes in total.

Before combat began, Weng Zhang attempted to convince the members of Mystic Sword Sect that he was still trying to get the Wind Sabre and was not a traitor. They demanded he stab Leng to prove his words, which he attempted but failed. Combat began, and in the first round Shu used the Eagle Descends Loudly to throw Weng Zhang thirty feet into the mud (who then chose to play dead until the end of the battle).

Over the course of the battle, Min was wounded, but the others escaped unscathed. The Wind Sabre proved very effective in the fight, killing several Mystic Sword member and a Heiping disciple. In the end, the party killed all but one of the Mystic Sword disciples.

Weng Zhang forgave Leng for trying to stab him. The party revived the one surviving member of the Mystic Sword Sect, but he taunted Leng for being a cowardly traitor so Leng stabbed him to death.

The party continued on, but failed a second Survival Skill roll, and therefore were unable to avoid another group trying to intercept them, the Tsun River Gang. This time, Chief Frowning Eagle, had two allies from Zhaoze sect: The Venom of Zhaoze and Little Venom (the daughter of the former). The Chief had been humiliated by the party in their last encounter but still wanted the Wind Sabre. As Frowning Eagle demanded the sword form the Party, Shu derided the leader’s martial abilities and parlayed directly with The Venom of Zhaoze. It became clear in the course of the conversation both shared an enemy in Heiping, and that the party would make better allies than enemies. They spoke about the possible fallout of Leng’s marriage to Min, and their acquisition of the Wind Sabre, deciding a conflict between some of the sects was likely but could work to their advantage. They agreed to form an alliance and Shu promised to speak to the head of his order, The Nature Loving Monk sect to arrange a future meeting.

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