Monday, June 3, 2013

Sertorius Preview Part Two: Halflings

Illness keeps me from doing a long preview today, but the image does much of the work for me.

This is an illustration of the fall of Karima by Samantha Fanti. Karima was an important official in the coastal trade empire of Shahr. The head of the great library, she defended Shahr's vast collection of scrolls when it was attacked by Gru raiders. The Gru are beastly creatures, distantly related to humans.

Karima is a halfling but she is also a Sertorius, or spellcaster. The spell in the image is Karima's Baleful Glare, which causes terrible pain to anyone who resists the caster's wishes for quiet and calm. Halflings in Sertorius are inspired by Carthage and Phoenicia. They are the most technologically advanced culture in the setting.


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