Saturday, December 29, 2012


PARTY: halfing with potent agape spells, a Kash human (who replaced their orc) who is strong in Deimos, and an elf with a knack for penthos. A new player also joined and made an Ogre, which will be useful in playtest.
In this game the characters just finished defeating Tohireo the dragon and went to the Marite Kingdoms to negotiate with Queen Sabeen of Besra, who had recently refused tribute to the Ronian Empire. On the way they encountered slave traders but avoided them. A few days later they encountered halfling tea merchants who told them that Queen Besra is preparing for war with Khata and has announced herself a goddess.
Player C used Thekla’s secret pathway to report this information to the Fellowship of Promestus. On his return, he attracted the attention of a Guardian Beast of Lorgo while in the ethereal realm. It followed and attacked, nearly killing player B. The Guardian Beast, an 18 foot tall white mammoth, demanded a sacrifice to Lorgo in the form of the character’s horses (because it deemed this a fair exchange for abusing the ethereal realm).
After the battle the party arrived in Talyr and tried to get free horses from the stable master by reading his fortune. The stablemaster was infatuated with a woman named Druna and wanted the Sertori to help him win her over. Player C cast Tearing the Veil and had a vision of the stablemaster beheaded by Druna’s brothers (presumably fed up with his efforts to win her love). In the end the stablemaster agreed to go with the players and bring his horses along (since it was clear his only real option was to flee Talyr before the beheading).
In Besra they met with Queen Sabeen who said she wanted Ronia to pledge soldiers for her war, wanted a temple in Rostanba and wished for the Church of Light to stop spreading inside her kingdom. Before the party left to take the terms to their superiors, Player D expressed doubts about Queen Sabeen’s divinity, calling for proof. She had the Stablemaster run through with spears. When it was clear he had died she raised her hands and the skies darkened, within moments he stirred back to life. She had performed the Raise Dead Thauma.
Ronia agreed to the terms (again Thekla’s Secret Pathway was used to get there quickly) and the party was sent back to help manage the auxiliary troops and investigate Queen Besra further.

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