Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Product Update

Just want to provide an update to our fans on the production schedule.

We plan to support Servants of Gaius, so are working on several books to help gamemasters and players. The first of these will be a PDF called The Guide to Aegyptus and will cover the Roman province in great detail. This will be followed by a massive mystery adventure called The Secret of Actium (available in print and PDF) After these releases we intend to publish more comprehensive province books (available in print and PDF). Fans of Servants of Gaius can also look to Avalon Games monthly magazine Game Geek for useful material in their campaigns this month (something we hope to do in each issue from now on).

Pundit continues to work on Arrows of Indra and this is shaping into an incredible project. There seems to be a lot of excitement around this one so we will keep everybody posted as things develop.

Orlando's Guide to Organized Crime for Crime Network will be released very soon. It should be going into layout by the end of this month or beginning of August.

Sortorius, our high magic/heroic setting for the Network system has reached a critical stage of development. We wanted to get our first venture into fantasy right, so we took our time working on the core concepts. We have hit a moment of clarity with Sortorius and will probably have something for playtest sooner than expected.

We continue to gather feedback on the Terror Network revision (if you have thoughts feel free to send them to Like Sortorius we want to get the revision right, so we are not rushing. Its very important to us this be done correctly and that we fix any existing issues without introducing new ones. Changes won't be major because it is going to be backwards compatible.

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