Saturday, February 11, 2012

Servants of Gaius (coming soon!)

We are pleased to announce that Servants of Gaius is entering the final stages of development. It should be available very soon. I am confident this will be our best looking book so far. This time around we hired a skilled layout artist and graphic designer (Richard Iorio), who has done a stunning job and continues to surprise me with every layout preview he sends (he also created the Servants of Gaius logo). Once again, Michael Prescott is aboard as the cover, border and map artist. I have the cover art and it is incredible. Most of the interiors are being done by Jackie Musto and Samantha Fanti. Both of them handed in great material. Visually, this is a killer book.

Servants of Gaius also received attention from our historical advisers, our editor (Jennifer Schoonover), and playtesters. It was heavily playtested, but also benefited from our years of observations playing the Network Sytem. We cannot wait to get Servants of Gaius on the shelves and in PDF.

So what is Servants of Gaius? Here is a brief explanation from the back of the book:

Unravel sacred mysteries and explore the empire in this unique alternate Roman history setting where a mad emperor is savior of the world.
As Neptune’s armies threaten the empire, Gaius Caesar Augustus Germanicus ("Caligula") creates a secret order to root them out.
The Servants of Gaius come from all the ranks of the Empire, chosen by the divine emperor. In their quest to save Rome they face dark cults, backstabbing politicians and  even the gods themselves.
Servants of Gaius is a game of intrigue and investigation. It comes with a complete alternate history setting but is perfect for any Roman campaign.  The book includes:
·         A complete and flexible rules system
·         An overview of Roman society and government during the early empire
·         Stats for important historical characters
·         Monsters and other supernatural threats
·         Rules for gods and rituals
·         A map of the Roman world in 38 AD

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