Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Release Schedule Update

It has been an interesting year for Bedrock Games. The Terror Network line continues to grow, we've developed new lines for next year and we released our long awaited Horror Show RPG. We also won a Gaming Genius Award for Best Adventure Scenario.

Unfortunately the year has been a challenge for me personally due to poor health. I just had my fourth operation for an ongoing issue and while this blog clearly demonstrates it hasn't impacted my writing, it has impacted my ability to coordinate things on the business side of Bedrock in a few instances (particularly the release schedule).

Notably Orlando's Guide to Organized Crime hasn't been released yet (it is complete and just needs some re-editing before I feel comfortable putting it out) and Average Joes is a month or so behind schedule (it too is done we are just working through the finishing details to make sure it is perfect). I apologize to any of our readers who were looking forward to these products. If you were eagerly awaiting either Average Joes or Orlando's Guide please contact me at BedrockBrendan@gmail.com and I will send you a free PDF of any Bedrock game of your choice.

Right now I expect Average Joes will be out by January or February in PDF and shortly after in print. Servants of Gaius appears to be on the road to a March release date and Orlando's Guide to Organized Crime will hit shelves sometime in 2012. Things may be bumpy with the release schedule because of my health but I am continuing to work with Bill on new projects. In terms of design and writing we are at the top of our game (I am very, very happy with Servants of Gaius now that it is complete).


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