Friday, July 29, 2011


Just want to keep everyone informed of our release schedule.

Horror Show is in layout and should be available in PDF very soon (in print by October). I am just putting the finishing touches on it. Personally I think it is our strongest book yet. The art is tremendous.

Orlando's Guide to Organized Crime is delayed, but will still be released. I completed the manuscript when I was very ill at the end of last year, and it needs some revisions before it can move forward.

Average Joes, an experimental Terror Network adventure, is beyond the editing phase and just getting a couple more playtests before it goes to layout. I expect it to be ready for a December release.

We are making a fantasy game using a modified version of the Network System. This will be magic-heavy and come with a complete setting. It is a little early to tell for sure, but we think it should be available by the end of next year. It is a much more ambitious product than our usual efforts (it will be over 190 pages, possibly well over that).

I have nearly finished a manuscript for a new game called Servants of Gaius. This is Bedrock's effort to do ancient Rome. So far the feedback on the concept and setting has been very positive. We move into playtesting this month. I've always wanted to make a Roman setting for Network and this looks incredible so far. Servants of Gaius should be out early next year.

Brendan Davis

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