Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Patriot Incident Almost Complete

The Patriot Incident is almost out, and I think Terror Network fans will be pleased. It is a great investigation, set in Boston against a terrifying threat.

Like most of our investigations, it doesn't railroad the characters, but puts them in the driver's seat. I like to think that characters are what create great adventures in gaming. With that in mind, the Patriot Incident allows the characters to react to a terrorist plot, without a series of pre-planned events. It's all about letting them investigate and interact.

It is also, I believe, a very well researched module.

I actually went to the Boston FBI field office to see a squad and interview a special agent to prepare for the Patriot Incident. This experience really opened my eyes to how an FBI field office is run, and one of the pleasant surprises was learning how well suited an FBI squad is to the classic RPG party structure.

Another thing I love about the Patriot Incident is the local flavor. We usually ask our writers to set adventures in locations they are personally familiar with, because we believe this adds depth and accuracy. In the Patriot Incident, we put our local knowledge of the Greater Boston Area to good use. The result is an exciting investigation rooted in a real setting.

I expect to have the Patriot Incident through layout soon, and a big thanks to all the patient Terror Network fans out there.


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