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Sertorius will be available sometime in the next week or so in PDF. While the rules contain many spells, we want to encourage people to make their own spells to suit the campaign's needs. You can use the existing spells as models to create new ones. 
Here is an example of a custom spell by Bill Butler (on of the designers of Sertorius and co-owner of Bedrock Games). Bill is running a Sertorius campaign and one of his players was looking for a spell that enabled Sertori to turn into clouds of acid. Because he liked the idea and felt it was in keeping with the game, he created this the Acidic Cloud of Jun-Jo. This spell is relatively simple and mainly for flavor.
Acidic Cloud of Jun-Jo
Type: Deimos
Skill: Endurance TN 6
Total Success: Duration becomes Hours
Casting time: 1 round
Duration: 10 minutes per Rank in Emotion
Area: Caster
Effect: Special 

The caster transforms his body and any clothing or other personal possessions into a roughly Ogre-sized acidic vaporous cloud that retains a vaguely humanoid shape.  
To cast Acidic cloud, the Sertori makes an Endurance Skill roll against TN 6. On a Success the transformation works and the cloud floats along the ground at the same speed the caster would normally move. The cloud may only harm others by contact; objects may not be picked up and spells may not be cast while in cloud form. On a failure, the spell may not be cast again for one hour, unless cast Cathartically. On a Total success the duration becomes Hours. 
The cloud form allows passage between narrow spaces a person could not normally squeeze through. While in cloud form, non-magic physical attacks suffer a -1d10 on skill rolls and damage rolls against the cloud. Windstorm-like effects and magic will damage the cloud normally. Once during a round a single enemy may be touched by the cloud inflicting 1d10 acid damage per rank in Emotion. The caster may end the spell at the start of any round.
Catharsis: On a Cathartic casting the acid is much stronger, and inflicts 2d10 per rank in Deimos.

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