Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sertorius Monster Preview: Krut

We made a lot of monsters for Sertorius, but I think these guys are my favorite:


Krut (pronounced “Kroot”) were once the loyal Den Guardians of Senga, but upon his death their connection to him faded. They no longer felt his presence and they started losing many of their powers. Small traces of Senga’s spirit remain in each Krut but they must eat humanoid hearts to sustain it, or they will die.

A Krut in its natural form looks like a tall birdlike creature with the upper body of an ogre, wings and clawed legs. Its mouth is long and filled with sharp jagged teeth. However, Krut can assume any humanoid form they wish, in whatever specific appearance they desire.
To survive Krut must eat at least one humanoid heart a week or they suffer a wound a day until they crumble to dust.
Krut still have a small number of their powers, but these are mostly quite weak. However in the presence of Sertori their power grows as if they were in the presence of Senga. They acquire the ability to cast anything the Sertori can cast and they are able to regenerate at a faster rate.
Though they were once proud servants of Senga and his musicians, now most Krut are selfish and filled with hatred.

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