Thursday, September 12, 2013


The art for Sertorius is coming in. Here are some illustrations of the player character races by Jackie Musto:

From left to right these are: Ogre, Human, Elf, Halfling, Hasri, Dwarf, Gru, Orc and Kobold. But let's look at each one briefly.
At character creation, players choose a race and a background. Each character reflects both of these components.

The ogre in the image is a Leader. The ogres of Gamandria are descended from a great civilization, Nong Sai, and the inheritors of an ancient curse that befell them when their last great king killed a god. Once the most advanced culture on the continent, the ogres now exist on the edges of civilization, often as nomads.

The reptilian looking humanoid is a Hasri Performer. They are detailed in a previous blog entry: here.

The human is a Ronian Scholar, a member of a dying empire in its last revival.

The elf is a Mandaru Warrior. The elves of Gamandria are detailed in a previous blog entry: here

The Halfling is merchant from Shahr. Halflings were also described in a previous blog entry: here.

The figure on the left is a Dwarven Jack-of-all Trades. Gamandrian dwarves are associated with mining and stone like those in other fantasy settings, but they are also called by their god to avoid violence. Due to the necessity of war, dwarves hide their sins by wearing masks in battle.

The second figure is a Gru Warror or Farmer. Gru are a race from the north. They are known for their violent coastal raids and worship of the great bear god Sur Vanker. Gru are also proficient whalers.

The third figure an Orc Leader, an aristocrat of the Caelum Republic. Orcs in Gamandria belong to a great and growing empire.

The last figure is a Kobold Scholar, a slave of the Caelum Republic. Kobolds often serve orcs as servants, courtiers and slaves.

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