Thursday, May 12, 2016


This is something for well down the road (after we release Profound Masters of Ogre Gate), but we've started work on a supers game called the Forever-Verse. As I've mentioned in the past, the supers genre is one that Bill really loved and making a supers game was something he eventually wanted to do. Unfortunately, he was the expert on supers, not me. I was always happy to play in a supers game, but was not the massive comic book fan that he was. Bill was the sort of person who could debate obscure details about superheroes for hours. Because it isn't really my genre, I brought someone else in to work on the supers setting and rules (I will introduce the person in a later post). 

We just play tested the first rough set of rules for the game. It uses the Network system and introduces some new elements. To the right is a glimpse of our rough character sheet. This is just an early one for playtest (I am not sure what the final sheet will look like at this point) but illustrates some of the similarities and differences between Forever-Verse and other Network games. 

Because Bill was so big into sleek design, we are bringing back some of the aspects of earlier Network games. It is very early and difficult to say what the final result will be, but the first session was a lot of fun. It was a small scenario with two players (me and one other person). I played a character named the Cloud, who could mind-hack into the internet, the other player was an animal empath named Ninja Squirrel. 

I was very impressed with the way the system functioned and by the setting as well. We were able to apply a lot of the lessons learned from Ogre Gate (mainly from things like Kung Fu Techniques). Just to give people a sense of the timeframe here, we decided about three to four years ago to give ourselves a minimum of 2 years to develop each new game. This has worked out well, so Forever-Verse isn't something that is going to come out tomorrow. But it has been in the works for a bit already. I will release updates in the coming months. 

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