Tuesday, July 21, 2015


In wuxia shows and movies characters have secret identities all the time. People kill someone and discover it was their mother or a close friend, even a long lost relative. This can be deployed after the PCs have killed some random person for no apparent reason and you need to know who they were, or it can be used anytime a situation arises between a PC and an NPC, and you want to see if there is any hidden identity in the mix.  Here secret can mean one of two things: the person has a false identity and secret past or the player character simply doesn’t know who the person before the situation comes to a boil. 

Before you roll on the table, assigned a chance of Secret Identity being present (I recommend a 1 in 10 chance but go with what feels right). If the result states that the individual in question is a "long lost X" that means the player never realized this person was truly their father, sister, etc. It may even mean the player character has a more complicated past than he or she imagined. If the person is in disguise, you will need to come up with a reason for that being the case. 

This is a table I wanted to create for Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate, but we didn't have space. So I figured I could put it together for the blog. 

Roll (2d10)      Result
2                      A person in disguise of great significance (roll on Table II)
3                      A person in disguise who was your good friend or sworn sibling
4                      Your uncle or aunt
5                      Someone who owed you money, a favor, etc.
6                      A person in disguise of minor significance
7                      A man/woman disguised as woman/man
8                      A person in disguise who belongs to your sect
9                      Someone in disguise but not a person of significance
10                    An assassin sent to kill you
11                    Exactly the sort of person you expected
12                    Someone with powerful friends
13                    A local magnate or son/daughter of a wealthy person
14                    A great man/woman who was beloved by everyone in the local area
15                    A former lover in disguise
16                    A person of no significance but carrying an important message
17                    A con artist under an assumed identity
18                    An important local official
19                    Your long lost sibling
20                    Your long lost father/mother

Roll (2d10)      Result
2                      The chosen one
3                      The Emperor or a great king
4                      A high-ranking member of the imperial court
5                      Your current lover/spouse (or the lover/spouse of a friend or ally)
6                      Your son/daughter (or the son/daughter of a friend or ally)
7                      The one person who can help you
8                      Your father/Mother
9                      Your sifu (who isn’t really dead)
10                    A member of a powerful sect or organization
11                    A close friend or sworn sibling’s father/mother
12                    The son/daughter of the Emperor or a great king
13                    A wanted criminal
14                    A famous poet, musician or artist
15                    A good spirit or demon trying to cultivate its humanity
16                    Your grandparent (or the grandparent of a friend or ally)
17                    Your long lost twin
18                    Your sifu (who is really dead because he/she didn’t put up a real fight)
19                    An evil demon, spirit or other creature (and it isn’t really dead)
20                    Roll once on Each Table taking both results

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