Friday, July 17, 2015


Last year we talked about a module called The Heart of Atroxis (HERE). We pretty muted finished up a manuscript soon after this, but because we want to release it as a pay-what-you-want, we've had to take our time with it (due to budget limits). Things are starting to progress on it once again and I've begun revising the manuscript. This gave me some time away that was helpful. While I wait for the Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate edits I plan to complete the revision and run some playtests. 

The Heart of Atroxis is based on Bill's Orcs of the North campaign (HERE). Specifically it is based on the first adventure he ran for it. I'd like to follow-up with a campaign guidebook for Orcs of the North if that is feasible (though it may have to be done as a regular PDF with a cover price). In the middle of this campaign, Bill and I got together to work on a module for Sertorius and chose his adventure as the bases. We reworked some of the core concepts then sat down and fleshed out the island again with some new background information. 

The Orcs of the North Campaign really opened my eyes to our setting's potential. I'm hoping we can recapture some of that in module. Right now the big challenge is maps and art. Because of the pay-what-you-want nature of the project, we have to do it in bits and pieces. I will update folks on this as it develops further. 

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