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A female Gru
In Sertorius there are four basic groups of humans: Ronians, Khubsi, Agars and Kash. There are others as well but these are the most prominent in the setting. These are really just cultural divisions, normally drawn on linguistic lines, with people of each group tending to come from a similar place of origin (though this is not always the case) and often sharing similar features (again, not always the case). The Kash are a people who live mainly in the North, typically speak Gruskel or Klerskel and are often a blend of Human and Gru culture (Gru is another race in the game). In some places Humans live among the Gru as fellow tribesmen. 

My current campaign is set in the Vaaran Kingdom of Palus, where there are lots of Gru but also lots of Kash Humans. We have PCs in the party who are Gru and those who are Kash, yet I found myself imagining them all as Gru because their culture is so similar. This happens so much I have to ask my players what Races their characters are all the time, because I keep defaulting to Gru in head. I don't do this with the Ronian character in the party, just the Kash. 

And Gru are definitely not humans. This is how the entry in the rulebook for Gru begins (it does mention they physically resemble the Kash which is a detail I actually forgot about until just now): 

A Male Human (Ronian)
The Gru are a savage Race of creatures resembling light-skinned Humans with wider and thicker features. Their large bodies are ideal for warfare and survival in the cold reaches of the North. Though their skulls are mostly flat, their jaws protrude slightly and are filled with sharp teeth. From a distance, they could be confused with Humans (resembling the Kash), but up close, the difference is unmistakable. Most Gru live to be 60 or 70.

The Gru almost uniformly worship Sur Vanker, a ruthless god of war. Some tribes worship Ranua as well, believing her to be the consort of Sur Vanker. Gru have also been known to worship Sertori and Grims.

The Gru have increasingly been a favorite of mine (as have the Hasri). I think it is kind of fun that some of the Humans in the setting emulate the Gru and have assimilated into their culture enough (or absorbed enough of it from various forms of contact) that the difference is sometimes difficult to spot. 

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