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This giant bird roams the infamous foothills of Yaum and resembles a turkey with a blue and red snood. The Devouring Turkey of Yaum is massive, reaching fifteen feet in height. It is also very carnivorous, preferring the flesh of humanoids (particularly Halflings and Humans). The people in the region it inhabits have come to fear its ungainly waddle and distinctive cackle. When fearful it can split, producing an identical (and equally dangerous) duplicate of itself. In addition to this and its powerful beak, the Devouring Turkey can create a vortex of wind with its gobble, enabling it to inhale prey. No one knows for sure if there is a single Devouring Turkey of Yaum or if many dwell in the foothills. Some believe there are always two at any given time. Technically the Devouring Turkey of Yaum is a type of Monstra, an animal born with the unnatural powers of a Sertori (see page 393 of the Sertorius rulebook). 

Hardiness            9
Stealth                 2
Evade                  2
Parry                    6
Wits                     2
Resolve               7

Key Skills
Bite: 2d10 (5d10)
Claw: 1d10 (5d10)
Speed 1d10 (40 Feet)
Fly 0d10 (2d10 Feet)
Muscle: 5d10
Detect: 1d10


Wounds: 10

Beast Strenth (x3): The base lift of a Devouring Turkey is multiplied by 3 and it can exceed capping limits on its damage rolls. 

Splinter: When attacked a Devouring Turkey can split into two, creating an identical copy of itself that lasts for three rounds and follows the rules of the Splintering of Yaum spell on page 116 of the Sertorius Rulebook. 

Gobble of Catastrophe: The Devouring Turkey can open its open its mouth and gobble creating a powerful wind vortex that sucks opponents into its beak. This affects a 50 foot cone shaped area in front of the Turkey. Anyone inside the area must make a Muscle roll TN 7 or be pulled ten feet per round toward the beak. This effect lasts for up to five rounds and is a Skill action for the Turkey to initiate. 

Bite: The powerful beak of the Devouring Turkey does 5d10 Open Damage. 

Claws: The Claws of the Devouring Turkey do 2d10 Open Damage. 

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