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This is a new optional Race for Sertorius I've been tinkering with. 

Advantages: 1 Free Skill Rank in Reason, Wits, and Empathy
Penalties: -1d10 to Persuade, Command and Deception rolls against Non-Kithiri. Multi-Ego. 
Gift: Flexible Mind
Common Homelands: The Free Cities of Eukos, Machaea, Polyra, Rapistos

Common Languages: Khubsi, Ronian, Agarian

This is a humanoid race found in isolated clusters or alone on islands in the Varian Sea. They look human except their skin is bronze in color with a vaguely metallic hue. Sometimes they pretend to be human, passing for Ronians or Agarians. Kithiri an be from any culture but tend to resemble Human societies found in the Southern Varian Sea. The few pure Kithiri settlements that do exist speak Khubsi, favor rule by council or even direct democracy of some kind. 

The Kithiri are not widely known and many regard them as a  myth or even a recently created race. They tend to blend easily and can go unnoticed by the other races. It is believed they were created jointly more than one god.  

The unique feature of the Kithiri is their minds are made up of six personalities or egos. Each ego is distinct but they all share the same memories and perceptions. The egos can communicate internally but express themselves as a single voice externally (though Kithiri use the pronoun "We" rather than "I").

Balancing the Egos is very important to the Kithiri. When one or more of their personalities dominate this is disruptive to their well being. It causes them to suffer (see Multi-Ego below). 

Flexible Mind: Because their mind is made up of multiple egos, each capable of thinking independently, Kithiri can perform up to six mental tasks at a time. This has a number of effects, the most important at character creation and for advancement during play is that Knowledge Skills cost them half the normal amount of Skill Points or Experience Points. But this also has a number of implications as well. It affects any Skill roll or Spell that involves thinking alone. So a Kithiri can make a Reason Skill Roll and an Empathy Skill roll as a single action. They can never cast two spells at the same time this way, but they can cast a Spell and make additional Mental and Knowledge Skill rolls during the casting. 

Multi-Ego: Each Ego has its own distinct personality and motivation. Generally the egos function collectively and agree upon courses of action. Sometimes one Ego manages to dominate the others and run amuck. Whenever a Kithiri experiences great physical or emotional stress check to see if the Egos become unbalanced by rolling 1d10 against the character's Resolve (examples of such stress include taking 2 wounds in a round, making an Endurance Roll. etc). If the result equals or beats the Resolve score, then roll randomly to determine which personality is dominant. The player should play that personality for the full day. 

If the result of the Resolve roll is a 10, then the personality is desperate to enact some sort of scheme or plot against the other egos. This isn't self destructive. The Ego doesn't try to harm the character but rather assert itself. The GM should determine what this is and explain it to the player. While in this state of inner conflict, Kithiri take 3 Extra Grim Points for Cathartic castings. 

Players can make up the six ego personalities or roll on this table: 

Table One
Roll 1d10
1  Intellectually Curious and Inventive
2  Compassionate
3  Social and Friendly
4  Defensive and Wary
5  Aggressive and Assertive
6  Greedy
7  Reliable 
8  Heroic
9  Moderate
10  Roll on Table Two

Table Two
Roll 1d10
1  Dogmatic
2  Vindictive
3  Pretentious
4  Cowardly
5  Violent
6  Thieving
7  Obsessive 
8  Reckless
9  Reluctant
10  Roll on Table Three

Table Three
Roll 1d10
1  Zealous
2  Opportunistic
3  Manipulative
4  Paranoid
5  Cruel
6  Exploitative
7  Anxious 
8  Destructive
9  Disobedient 
10  Pure Evil

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