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Vaaran is a dialect of Gruskel and spoken widely in the Vaaran Kingdoms. It is a language spoken mainly by the human farmers and serfs in the region and the local Gru tribes (nobles tend to speak Ronian or Latar).  As I've been mapping for the Vaaran Kingdoms campaign I developed a short list of important words to help guide my naming choices. I've had to work backwards in some cases to develop this because when I made Gruskel and Klerskel place names originally there were just a handful of concepts underpinning the naming conventions. For example I just named Belvar "Belvar" because I liked the sound of it. Same thing with the Steppes of Gulga. So I took place names like that and dissected them based on the surrounding setting details. I don't think this achieves anything more than randomly naming something but for me it is like a game and helps me imagine each place. 

This isn't official setting material but thought it might be fun to share so folks playing Sertorius can see how we do things in our own campaigns: 

Omka: One
Ven: Two
Drek: Three
Drak: Four
Skel: Five
Mar: Six
Gura: Seven
Hurn: Eight
Nesh: Nine
Omga: Ten

Common words, suffixes and prefixes
-atoon: Grassland inhabited by rabbits or other similar animals
Bel: Human
Belka: Halfling
Belga: Dwarf
Esmar: King or Chief
-Ga: Stone-like or heavy, something that sinks easily
Gash: Related to Ogres
Gasha: Ogres
Graevesh: Grim Beast
Grau: Gru
Hauch: Fort
Holta: Farms
Horga: Orc
-Ka: Pebble or small thing
Keska: Beast
Pen: River
Rue: Sacred or Holy
Sheg: Hasri
-Tel: Town
Ursh: Elf
-Ula: Hall
Var: Pure
Varna: Tavern
Vel: Elder or Elders
Warn: Hill

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