Friday, September 19, 2014


Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate is coming along very well and I just received a glimpse of the cover art. This image was created by Jackie Musto and is a preliminary draft of the line art. It will be inked and given some vibrant colors for the final version. There are also going to be some minor changes to details like the weapons. 

The logo in the background is Chinese Calligraphy by Mak So Ji of Chi in Nature. It reads: 虛界  遊 俠 傳 and this literally translates to "The Mystic Realms-Wandering-Hero-Chronicle". This was arrived at when I explained the concept of the setting and the English title to Mak.

I should note while we have used the term Wuxia loosely to describe Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate, it actually encompasses another genre that is closely related called Xian Xia which includes more mythic and fantasy elements, a sort of martial arts fantasy genre. Our goal is to make it easy for the Gamemaster to dial the fantasy up or down. Wuxia does have its own supernatural assumptions but Xian Xia features more things like monsters, immortals, etc. Stuff you might expect in a typical fantasy RPG. Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate will include some of these fantasy elements. In my own campaign however their use has been minimal as I've mainly been emulating series like Heavenly Sword and Dragon Saber and movies like Come Drink With Me or New Dragon Gate Inn. So I put a lot of focus into things like characters, sects, etc.

When Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate is ready we will release it as either a Free PDF or as a Pay What You Want PDF. The reason for possibly going with Pay What You Want is the level of interest in Ogre Gate will determine whether we expand it to print and a full rulebook PDF. Right now it is more of an experiment being released so we can gauge interest and get feedback for refining the system. It has a large list of powers and abilities and to fully test that we need external play testing. Much of that will take place with the release of the initial free/pay what you want PDF.

Even though it is going to be free, it will be complete. Right now we have about 50,000 words in the manuscript, which should come to 100 pages or so, and there remains a lot to be done. So this will likely be a 150 page book when finished and released.

I would still like to get as much external play testing done as possible before the free release. So anyone interested in testing out Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate can contact us at to receive a copy of the manuscript and setting map. You will also receive a free download of Sertorius (the system the game is based on) upon contacting us. Those who submit playtest reports will receive a free PDF of Servants of Gaius.


  1. I agree that a weapon change would be nice, so the heroes aren't both dual blade fighters. The title type face (not the calligraphy) bothers my visual sense a bit. The g+t touching is rough, and the two "e" forms read as capital "E"s. Illustration has a good triangular balance...maybe the statues are too cute?

  2. The offhand weapons are going to become scabbards. I cannot say for certain what the logo will be until we get to a later stage in the production (this is a free product so the budget is smaller than for some of our others).