Thursday, September 11, 2014

Servants of Gaius and Crime Network Available

We have three more PDFs available again. Here they are: 

Servants of Gaius
Servants of Gaius is a game of intrigue and investigation set in the early Roman Empire. Players are members of a secret order established by Caligula to root out a deadly threat against Rome. 

Comes with: 
  • A complete section of historical NPCs brought to life, including the Emperors Caligula and Claudius
  • A map of the Roman Empire inspired by Pomponius Mela
  • A complete list of Roman titles with descriptions
  • Three different character sheets for alternate styles of play
  • Monsters and Threats for a supernatural take on Rome
  • A chapter on Roman culture, history and government
Available here: SERVANTS OF GAIUS

Crime Network
You’re in the mafia, earning your way to the top of the crime family by hook or crook. Pull off the big heist and plan your rise through the ranks of the organization in this thrilling game of thugs and criminal masterminds. Crime Network is anti-heroic adventure at its finest in the spirit of the best mob movie. 

  • Explanation of the mafia hierarchy
  • Light and smooth rules system that fades in the background so you can focus on pulling off that perfect crime
  • Detailed city and map
  • Eight crime families
  • Remo Loves Lucy: An 11 page sample adventure
  • Crime-related skills
  • Mafia movie tropes and adventure seeds
Available here: CRIME NETWORK 

Visit the Roman Egypt in 38 AD with famed geographer Pomponius Mela as your guide.

The Guide to Aegyptus is a supplement for use with the Servants of Gaius game.  Gamemasters and players will find its contents useful for any campaign set in this unique province.


  • A complete description of Aegyptus (history, cities, government, etc)
  • Maps of Alexandria and Aegyptus
  • Equipment
  • New monsters
  • The Aegyptian pantheon
  • Adventure ideas


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