Monday, June 2, 2014


We are still getting Sertorius ready for print and PDF release so I haven't had much time to post here. We have also been preparing our free PDF support for Sertorius, which includes spell expansions, an adventure and other material like our Wuxia setting. Today I want to talk about our latest project for the free PDFs: Classic Fantasy. 

For those who don't know, Sertorius will be supported by expansion material in the form of free PDFs. We knew people would want more spells and options, but we didn't want anyone to feel pressured to buy options or spells they may not use. So we decided to release our expansion books for free. 

Classic Fantasy will likely be released between Book of the Archon I (our free spell expansion) and The Wandering Heroes of Ogre Gate (our Wuxia setting for Sertorius). In the default Sertorius game, the players are generally assumed to be spell casters called Sertori and they have a huge advantage over other character types due to their nature. However we wanted to provide options for groups looking for the classic warrior, thief, and wizard style play. So we put together a packet and started running sessions of it two weeks ago. 

The new packet, which we are just calling the Classic Fantasy Party Packet for now, contains rules for making burglars and warriors who can stand beside Sertori in an adventure and hold their own. Warriors rule the battlefield and burglars are masters of stealth and cunning. In a Classic Fantasy Sertorius campaign, the players can opt to be a Sertori, a Warrior or a Burglars before they select their background. Both have their own characters sheets and abilities. 

Warriors can take lots of wounds, deliver lots of wounds, and strike multiple foes. They also have special combat abilities called maneuvers. They gain more maneuvers as they advance and examples include things like "Gut" and "Behead", which both allow for spectacular attacks in combat. 

Burglars are have a broad selection of abilities called Tricks, and they get a lot of them. These include "Vital Strike", "Disguise", "Disarm Trap" and "Poison Immunity". 

We are having tons of fun with this one. If players like it, we may release similar free PDFs. 

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