Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Making a lot of progress on Sertorius. We've been a bit quiet lately because we are refining the magic system and setting. Here are some key updates:

The art for Sertorius is coming in and it looks fabulous. I really like the cover art by Michael Prescott, which captures the exact tone and feel of the game. Jackie Musto, our interior illustrator, has done an excellent job creating the visuals for races and other aspects of the setting. I hope to have some previews soon. The art for Sertorius will be our best so far.

The rules are basically done, we are just in the final stages of improving spells and new rules. We also went back and revised some of the older network mechanics. A few places needed fine-tuning for the setting.

Our setting material is complete. I am just working on the appendices, which I saved for last because it builds on the existing material. The appendices will include titles by region, encounter tables, etc.

Rob Conley is working on the map of Gamandria. He worked with us before on Arrows of Indra. It will be a classic hex map of an entire continent (in color for the PDF and black and white for the print edition).

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